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First Things First

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Keep this in mind at all times: is what you are doing going to directly earn you more money or is it discretionary?  Yes thinking about calls is important to your success but if you are finding you are spending more time thinking / strategizing about calls or your job instead of doing them, then it is a good time to remind yourself about "First Things First."


As an old business mentor once told me that sometimes it is better to do things poorly than not at all.  As strange and as against the grain of our entire corporate mandate it is, this statement does ring true.  If all the development team did was "plan" what they wanted to do in Tradepoint then we would not have the software today.  They would have great plans and perfect ambitions however nothing beats the back breaking work they put into the software to make it a success.  You might have the best intentions by strategizing, communicating with management and other staff, even planning your days; but is it getting in the way of your performance?  First Things First is what keeps us effective in "Core Hours".  Without it, Core Hours is just a catch phrase.

Apply First Things First in every decision you make, every second of the day, and you will be far more effective.  The practise of First Things First is what makes core hours what it is.  This is easier said then done, but is vastly important.

For example: Is reading this knowledge base article the best thing for you to be doing at the moment? Or are there better things you can prioritize that will make you more money at first? 'Pay self first, everything else later".  First thing's first. 

Keep focused:  "call avoidance" is comfortable and comforting however it kills time, wastes our days and throws away our lives moment by moment.  I personally believe we only have so many hours in our lifespan and I choose to live every one of them to its fullest.  Many people go to work wishing they were with the kids and when while with the kids think of all of the things they didn't do at work.  Too busy practising call avoidance and making no money.  As I like to say, work hard and play hard.  Finish a day's work knowing you have done the absolute best you can do.  Knowing you have earned yet another large pay check and knowing that now you can play as hard as you like because you have earned it.  If there is no focus or intensity in your work life, then you will  experience a mediocre success level.  Too many people show up to work and produce almost no fruits (Their minds are just not in it).  If your mind is not in it and you are producing absolutely no fruits because your lack of focus, then why even show up to work?  Get the other things off of your mind. Put them first, then when at work practise "First Things First". Rest hard then get ready to work with all you got.  Get a lot done quickly and with intensity so that once you finish you can then take some well deserved time off. 

Enough of my ramblings; just practise First Things First  *smile*

Damian Spaulding


Darwin Productions Inc.

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