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The Power of Closed Loop Sales

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Where most sales people fail is exiting the process (funnel) and forgetting they have done so.  For example you call a realtor and ask to be quoted on a few houses in your area.  The realtor being swamped with a present workload somehow manages to forget your request until it is too late; you have already gotten your needed information through a third party. 

The key to high success in your business processes is to create a closed loop for your sales people.  In other words, the only way out is through “a sale”.  There is no other way.  Even if the person doesn’t purchase your product, your sales processes should automatically remind you to call that person in 5 or 10 years or whatever sales cycle your industry has.  If you are a car company and a customer does not purchase your cars, simply call back in 3 years because people tend to purchase new cars in that time.  There is no way out of the sales process other than to give up completely and intentionally or sell your product to the customer.  Make sense?


A car company deployed this principle and within one year they went from lowest producing franchise in the company to the highest.  That is the point of the “Sales Rep” and the “BDC Rep” The BDC (Business Development Counsellor) is the person that tends to call the customer after the customer purchases or does not purchase the product.  This helps to close the loop of the sales process.  It is the BDC Rep’s responsibility to find out why customers did not purchase a product; did the sales person smell bad for example?  And note the results for further action.   Tradepoint also can take on some of the responsibilities of the BDC Rep simply by automatically scheduling tasks to be performed at given intervals.  For example: When you setup a meeting, Tradepoint can automatically remind your secretary to confirm the meeting 24 hours in advance.  Or when a person does not purchase your product, Tradepoint can be set to automatically remind the sales person or manager to call back the client within a certain period of time to follow up.  Even through the sales process Tradepoint can automate every stage; cutting out or vastly reducing human overload problems.  Thus Tradepoint is the first CRM capable tool that can close every loop of your sales process. No other software package can come near.

Damian Spaulding


Darwin Productions Inc. 

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