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Tradepoint Announces release of Version 3 of Tradepoint Enterprise!

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News Announcement - Version 3 Release of Tradepoint Enterprise

North Walpole, New Hampshire (September 20, 2010)

Tradepoint announced today the release of Version 3 of Tradepoint Enterprise, its all-in-one Business Management software application. Version 3 is a major update to the premier e-Commerce/e-Business application which has been gaining tremendous momentum over the last 12 months.  James Hancock, Tradepoint founder and CEO states " Tradepoint is moving to the next level of functionality offering major enhancements to our web technology, Point of Sale, and core product including major work flow optimizations, stock analysis, unlimited Bill of Materials, full real remote access, and the ability to scale from 1 to 10,000…and even more!"

Built with multiple modules including Accounting, Contact Management, ERP, Inventory, Team Sharing, Email, Collaboration, Project Management, and Human Resources, Tradepoint Enterprise brings together, in one software application, the latest in functionality with flexible tools for a software solution designed to enable growing businesses to succeed.

Tradepoint’s Version 3 has dozens of key features designed to optimize productivity and increase visibility.  One of the enhancements in particular will have a significant impact when transitioning to Tradepoint.  A major concern of companies moving from one ecommerce platform to another is their current SEO efforts. Tradepoint's Ecommerce system handles this quickly and easily by allowing the user to create a map from all old URLs to new ones, and having the system do an automatic 301 redirect.  This key feature will ensure that search engines know a link has been changed so that they can update their index without penalty, and to ensure that all of the old organic links continue to function.

Tradepoint gives credit where credit is due; to its Certified Partners and Customers.  Mr. Hancock elaborates, “… our Partners [and Customers] are the backbone of our company.  Each has played an integral part in the continued development and enrichment of our Platform.  The stability, speed, and new features built within Version 3 are a direct reflection of the strength of our Partnerships and the value we place on them.”
While Tradepoint Enterprise is the first application in its class to be completely built in .net V4, below are just a few of the new Features and Enhancements in Version 3:
• All Dialogs updated to allow custom fields and unlimited customization options
• Bill of Materials
• Kitting
• Units of Measure
• Updated Credit Memo / Refund/Return/Exchange/ Adjustment - Simplified in one window.
• Up to 16 decimal places throughout the system with rounding P&L to handle rounding errors for fractional penny sales etc.
• Simplified G/L Setup that still allows unlimited depth and flexibility in setup
• New setup program with simplified deployment
• Product Label Printout with Barcodes
• Stock Analysis Reporting and suggestion system to ensure up-to-the-minute reordering to minimize on-hand inventory while also minimizing out of stock products using industry standard calculations
• Multiple payments/gift cards per order
• oPOS compliant Barcode reading for quick and easy setup
• Updated Scheduler with more powerful options including drag and drop of tasks to the appointment schedule, timeline and work week views.
• Gift Card support - With issue gift card on refund/return.
• Wish List and Gift Card registry on website
• 400% speed improvement on website
• “Check as You Type” spell check throughout including in emails.
• Full issue tracking with call log change notification emails integrated into the web portal system to maximize your customer satisfaction
• Multi-bin support for inventory
• Updated and simplified accounting editing screens that enable maximum flexibility while automating more processes.
• Structural changes to the Website platform to allow serialization of session and cache data for distributed environments and to maximize scalability across web farms, load balancers and other techniques to allow millions of  hits a day with 0 downtime.
• Pay Bills Wizard – Pay your bills in one wizard and automatically get recommendations on which bills to pay based on discounts etc.
• Increased robustness for Point of Sale including automatic updates and error reporting built in.
• Integration with Amazon, Ebay, E-shop Connect and Magento. More coming soon.
• 100% PCI Compliance - No Credit card numbers stored while maintaining the highest levels of ease when working with credit cards and payment gateways.
• Sales Tax Reporting
• Contact Merging

For a complete list, with extensive details please visit our What's New in V3 section.
Costing a fraction of the dedicated stand-alone applications that it replaces, pricing for Tradepoint Enterprise starts at $ 995 (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and can be purchased though one of their worldwide Partners. To find a Partner please contact Tradepoint directly or on the web at

Tradepoint is based in New Hampshire and Louisiana. Originally established in 2003, Tradepoint is dedicated to facilitating the success of businesses large and small through software solutions including its flagship product, Tradepoint Enterprise™ as well as Tradepoint [POS] Point of Sale™, Tradepoint Kiosk™ and it's DNN line of products for Membership, Event, Facility and Donation Management.

For more information, please contact:
Derek Schreiber 
Phone: 866.444.4278 x706

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