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13.1 Inventory Management- Your Products and Services On the Web


As a Business Management Software application, Tradepoint includes tools to maintain and manage  Products your company offers through your website as part of Ecommerce functionality built into  our Web Modules and managed through Tradepoint Business Management Software. Now  maintaining, updating and adding new  Products with text and images can be accomplished without knowing source code or using an additional software program to manage your Products.

To manage your Products on your website go to the Products icon in the intuitive toolbar under the Home Tab.

The section of icons within Products that will be where you manage the web presence of each of your Products is called Website as shown below.

These two sections of icons containing the functionality that will enable you to manage your Products as they are available for purchase through your website.

Specifications will display internally as well as through your website. the remaining icons will allow you to manage the information as a part of your Product listings online.

Page Layout

The Page Layout section will allow you to specify the layout of the page, how a Product appears, and security settings relevant to that Products any Search Engine Optimization specific to that Product.

Below is a screen view of the Page Layout Section detailing the functionality. The top section in dark blue will be where any identifying information about your Product is including serial number, barcode, item number and any categories and subcategories this item is associated with.

Main Product Image- The benefit of this tool is to upload or scan in you image you want to be attached to a Product listing on your web page. Choose from the small icons to the right of the field to upload an existing image or scan in a new one. Your Product image will be shown within the Main Product Image section and on the website as well. Your Product Image can be updated or changed any time.

Visibility- Specify the type of visibility for your Product by these choices. The benefit of this function is the ability to specify the type of visibility of your Product in just a few clicks.

Page Security- the Security Profiles you see here in this example are based on the security profiles established within Security accessible through the Tools Tab. The different profiles created within Security under Tools will flow through to this section. If you would like your Product to be available to all then check the 'select all' icon.

Product Pages- Here specify any of the pages your would like your Product listed on. Checking off multiple pages will list your Product multiple times.

Search Engine Optimization- The functionality for search engine optimization here will allow for easy use of search engine optimization. While you will still need to register your keywords with the search engines this tool within Tradepoint gives you the benefit of managing those keywords and the related text at your fingertips. Enter in the page title and description and any registered keywords related to your product. Managing the content will be discussed within the Overview section of Products.

Product ID- The Product ID number is automatically generated within Tradepoint and is used to identify your Product and is related information. This number is also used in the source code of this section to create active links within your website allowing your customers easy access to your Products.

Tradepoint automatically saves all of your changes to this section so you will not be prompted to Save your changes here.


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