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6.24.6 Collaborative Email Tools- Create a Call Log from an Incoming Email


The one right click tools from Email will also create a Call Log just as easily as a Task. A Call Log from an email is designed to create easier work flow patterns for:

·         Customer service: from an email or web request

·         Follow up on Service Requests for existing equipment or existing orders

·         Email based service calls for warranty work on any existing products

Right clicking on an email will prompt you to choose a contact or Project to associate your Call Log with. The more detailed information you enter here the more specific your results will be.

Double click on the highlighted option to associate the Call Log with the contact/project of your choice.

Similar to Tasks right clicking on the Create a Call Log option will pull in the recipients(as Attendees) to the email, contacts(as Guests), attached documents(will be posted under documents), and content of the email within the main Notes section.

When a Call Log is generated from an email the following options will be available:

·         Category - The drop down menu will show your specified options. The Blue plus will allow you to create Categories on the fly(if your security permissions permit).

·         Product Involved - This will draw from the items within this Customers Products Owned purchase history.

·         Assigned project - If relevant associate the Call Log with a specific project

·         Assigned To: This will notify the Employee in the 'Responsible' field that they have a new Call Log to complete.

·         Supervisor - This will notify the Employee's Manager about the Call Log.

·         Direction, Contacted By, Priority - These will have drop down options detailing the status of the Call Logs.

·         Status - A Required field to choose from the options before you Save the Call Log. This typically will contain Statuses that indicate the Resolution type of a Call.

Any documents you had attached to a Call log will be attached to the Call log for easy access by all who are related to a Call Log.

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