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How to Redirect A Previous Site's legacy URLs to your New Tradepoint Site


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Google and other search engines strongly suggest that if you change the URL for a page to create a 301 redirect that points a browser at the new page. A 301 redirect indicates a permanent redirect from the old link to the new one, effectively saying "it's not here any more, go to this place from now on." Google and the other search engines will update all links to that page with the new one for you over time without penalty. In the mean time, your old link will continue to work and browsers will see the new page automatically without knowing about the redirect.

For organic links with partners and pages that have linked to you, these will be invaluable forever, because your old links that they link to, will continue to work no matter what without having to contact them to update your links.

To setup these redirects follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Tools/Websites and open your website configuration
  2. Go to URL Translation
  3. Add your existing URL in the format of /<some path> where the / indicates the root of your site. Typically this will be the entire URL in your browser's address bar without the actual site (i.e. would be left off)
  4. Enter your new URL in the same format.

You have now created a 301 redirect for that page. Synchronize to your web server and then try out the old link on your new site and check the results.

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