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How to Setup Your System so that you have a separate stagging environment to test beta updates


In larger organizations it can be beneficial to have a staging environment to test the effects of major updates on your websites, plugins and other aspects of your business. As of Version 3 of Tradepoint Enterprise you can now set if your database will receive beta updates or not.

To do so do the following:

  1. Go to setup
  2. Go to System Management
  3. Go to Updates
  4. Check or uncheck Receive Beta Updates (It is on by default)
  5. Close Tradepoint after making your change and open it again.

Typically when setting up a stanging environment you will have a separate database and a client to test with. (and perhaps a website)

On the staging environment's database set it to receive beta updates.

On the production database, set it to not receive beta updates.

You can then test beta updates with worrying if you may cause issues with the test update in your production environment.


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