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Product categories and SubCategories - Structure and Setup


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Tradepoint supports an interactive set of tools for Product Categories and Sub-Categories. Since Tradepoint is Ecommerce ready for product Categories and Sub-Categories the Setup for Product Categories and Sub-Categories the Setup & Configure tool supports several different factors for the setup of product categories and sub-categories.

Tradepoint supports 3 levels within product categories to maximize SEO potential for products and to minimize the number of clicks on a website for searching for products.

Tradepoint also has other tools to augment the Category and subcategory structure for the ability to associate products with multiple product listings outside of a standard product category structure for maximum exposure on a website.

These option include:

Groups and Departments
Advanced Search Tools
Web Site Display tools (Top Products, Display by Manufacturer or Brand for example)

Product Categories are setup through the setup & Configure tools which can be accessed through the + button next to the product category field.

This will direct to the main page within the Setup & Configure Tool to setup product category details. These options will push through to an active web site as soon as changes are made.

Each product Category and Sub Category within the Setup & Configure Tool will have the same options.

Fields to be defined include:

Name – Category name which will display within Tradepoint and through a web site.

Web Page Title – The web page title which will appear within search engine search result listings.

Keywords – SEO keywords for search engine search results.

Web Address – This field is for URL re-writing. Enter in the full web address with the extension after a front slash at the end for the category name.
Any Web Address entered into this field will over write the default web address for web site categories with a database generated url as a part of the web address.

Description – The Description field will appear within search engine search results as the highlighted description in search engine listed results.

Photo – A right click option in this field is available to upload a category photo. Category and Subcategory photos will display based on CSS and category page layout preferences as determined by the Company Settings.

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