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2.16 Categories and Statuses


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Within Tradepoint your information is managed be Categories and Statuses. The Category of information determines what type of information it is.

Some examples would be;

  • Customer
  • Reseller
  • Lead
  • Project
  • Supplier
  • Product

Each of these types of information will have different actions and processes related to them. So, within each of those Categories you will have differing Statuses. An example would be a Customer with a Status of Active or Inactive to specify whether or not their account is active or if they are using your services currently or not.

Companies that utilize the Sales Force Management tools within Tradepoint may use the Statuses to determine what stage of the sales process a Lead is in or what type of a Customer they are. For Example, some Lead Statuses may include:

  • Introduction
  • Presentation
  • Proposal/Quote
  • Closing

Some example of Statuses for Customers may include:

  • Online
  • Retail
  • Consulting
  • Products Only
  • Business to Business

The Categories and Statuses will be one factor in how specific you reporting can be done. So, it may be helpful to keep that in mind as well when developing your Category and Status structure.

Categories an Statuses are all generated and managed through the Setup & Configuration tool. There are two ways to access the Setup & Configure Tool. the first way is through the Management menu found through the icon in the upper left hand corner of your Tradepoint.

 From there choose the Setup option at the bottom of the menu shown below.

This option will allow you to access all of the Category & Setup Options throughout Tradepoint. The second option that is used more commonly to make an on-the-spot adjustment in an existing category structure or to add just a few Categories & Statuses is through the blue plus found on numerous field throughout Tradepoint.

The main screen for the Setup and Configure tool is shown below when it is accessed from a blue plus within a specific section.

The navigation fields and the Category field are highlighted and the arrow points out the icon that will direct you to the next step which would be creating a Status to be associated with the Category you see in the field above.

Additional icons at the bottom of the screen have to do with Event Management and Automated actions for streamlining your business process. they will be discussed in detail in additional articles.

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