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Tradepoint Retail Point of Sale Software (POS) Add-on

Whether you own an independent bookstore, run a pro sports shop, or serve as the IT Director for a chain of high-end women’s shoe stores—no matter what type of retail environment you work in—our retail point of sale solution is so comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, you’ll be left wondering how you ever got along before. A simple but powerful interface allows you to custom design menu screens and control how each menu element should look and function. Create buttons through the Manage Button Task option (e.g. touch screen, text or image buttons), set different functions for each. For a more advanced customization, custom functions can be written in C# and VB.Net through the Tradepoint Code Engine that can be accessed directly in Tradepoint Retail. New registers can be added in a single step as your business grows.

Transaction Types

Tradepoint POS supports sales, returns, orders, quotes, cash in and outs, and on account sales.


Split Payments

Multiple payment types can be accepted for one transaction and there is no limit to the split.

Receipt Printing 

Print receipts to an 80 column receipt printer (aka: "kitchen printer") or you can print a full 8.5x11 invoice form.  Receipt printing is completely customizable using the built in report designer.


Discount a single item or all items at the time of the sale by either a percent or dollar amount.  Tradepoint Retail allows you to set thresholds for discounts thus limiting the amount of the discount given by a clerk.

Touch Screen Interface

Tradepoint POS provides the user with an easy to use completely customizable touch screen interface.  For users who prefer the use of a keyboard shortcut keys can be setup for any function that is setup in the system.

Suspend and Resume

During busy times a sale can be suspended (put on hold) while other transactions are processed and then resumed at a later time.  This is also a good feature for establishments who want to start the transaction on one station and complete it on another.

Reason Codes

When discounting, voiding items or transactions, changing prices of an item the user can be required to enter a reason for the action which can then be reported on. 

Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing is supported directly through the system.  Payment gateways supported include: TrustCommerce, Hypercom and Yes-Pay.

Bar Codes

Tradepoint POS provides the user with the ability to easily design and print bar coded pricing labels.

Bar code scanning is fully supported. At any time during a transaction a bar code on a product or customer loyalty card can be scanned.  The system can distinguish between the two.

Gift Cards

Built in support for gift card processing. No need to pay a per transaction fee each time a gift card transaction is processed.  Gift cards can be sold and redeemed  directly at the point of sale system.  Gift cards can be infused with additional funds at any time.

Tradepoint Code Engine (TCE)

TCE gives you the power to customize and extend the functionality of Tradepoint POS.  Use TCE to create embedded plugins for data collection, reporting, custom actions or anything else that you can imagine.

With TCE you have the power to enhance and extend the point of sale system to meet 100% of your users' needs. With a built in Editor featuring intellisense, a visual form builder and support for both VB.NET and C# TCE delivers the most flexible engine in the market.


Numerous reports are available in Tradepoint POS and with the built in report designer tool end users can build their own reports.

Reports can be previewed on the screen, printed to a printer or emailed.  Easily set a button up to print and deliver a group of reports.




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