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Tradepoint Business Analytics and Reporting

The key to any business is acting intelligently based on all possible data sources that you have at your disposal. With Tradepoint Enterprise Systems, all of your company's information is at your finger tips through our best of breed Business Intelligence Platform:

Detailed ReportingDetailed Reporting

What good is a list of information if you can't act upon it or you have to jump through screen after screen to get to the data? Tradepoint Reporting provides fully actionable data that allows you to drill into information quickly and easily. Further all reports have an extensive list of additional fields and are fully customizable:

  1. Fully customizable reports with extensive additional fields.
  2. Searchable by any criteria.
  3. Sort-able
  4. Group-able
  5. Add summaries both overall and by group with a few single clicks.
  6. Save both report customizations and search criteria for quick and easy recovery in the future.

Business AnalyticsBusiness Analytics

Tradepoint does more than present you with a list of numbers. Using our proprietary pivot system with full charting and graphing we provide you with actionable data that will tell you what is happening and when in intuitive and easy to read data sets.

  1. Pivot data by whatever field or group you wish and automatically get new summary information instantly.
  2. Group by dates: Day, Week, Month or even years at a time to see patterns that may be emerging.
  3. All changes will automatically update any associated charts or graphs.
  4. Use your data to make projections based on sales data, year to date versus this year and even periods within the year. Apply those projections against sales opportunities and stage of your sales process and even by quotes, orders and current invoices.
  5. Find out more than just numbers on your P&L. See the trajectory of your P and L over time, and trends by Product Category, Profit Type, Cost types, and more.
  6. Use Tradepoint Business Analytics to identify inventory trends and optimize your inventory to maximize availability while minimizing overhead.
  7. Tradepoint Business Analytics can spot sales trends by sales rep, web sales, and other sales related criteria including territories and more.


Data mining has never been so easy. All Tradepoint Business Intelligence Software reports can be drilled into to see more detail.

  1. Simply click on the hyperlink and see more information about any topic on any report.
  2. Filter your data in real-time based on pre-report searching and live report filtering after generation.
  3. Group and sort to make your information more actionable.

Quick ReportsQuick Reports

Most screens in CRM, Inventory, Sales Force Automation and other areas provide quick reports. These canned reports will provide maximum information with a single click based on the information you're working with at the time.

Tradepoint Business Intelligence SoftwareTrue Business Intelligence Software

Tradepoint's Business Intelligence engine is designed to provide true insight into your business.  

  1. Unlike most other canned reporting systems, you can customize and drill into all data in all reports.
  2. Data stays forever. No more archiving and ceasing to be able to act upon reporting details.
  3. Data mining is easy with expandable reports that show summaries and with a single click shows detailed information.
  4. Many reports will use key performance indicators (KPIs) to provide you with suggestions and predictions on your business and it's success which brings Business Intelligence to the next level.

Business Intelligence DashboardsDashboards

Business Intelligence at your finger tips updated in real-time:

  1. Choose from dozens of dashboards.
  2. See opportunity and lead information.
  3. Allow accountants to see A/R and A/P data in real time
  4. See tasks and appointments upcoming.
  5. Watch your customer data and see top customer activity instantly.
  6. Drill down on all dashboards into real data.


The key to any reporting and business intelligence system is getting the right data. With Tradepoint Integrated Business Solutions the data is all in one place, so reporting on that information becomes truly powerful and meaningful bringing new meaning to Business Intelligence.

Contact Us today to find out how Tradepoint's Business Intelligence Platform can transform your business.

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