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Integrated Email Client, Scheduling and Task Management Software in your Business ERP Software

Your business runs on communication and organization. Tradepoint Collaboration tools integrates these key facets of your business into one easy to use Business Management Software Package. In today's business environment it isn't good enough to just respond to emails. You must plan how to act based on the content of emails, use that information to collaborate with others, and schedule your day so that others can work with you instantly. Tradepoint Enterprise Systems enables your company to work together in ways previously not possible:

Integrated Email ClientIntegrated Email Client

Microsoft Outlook is no longer good enough. And worse, online web email client software such as gmail, and put you further away from your data. Tradepoint's integrated email client ensures that your primary communication medium is both at your finger tips and actionable immediately:

  1. POP3, IMAP and Microsoft Exchange support allowing access to almost any email aserver including Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo!
  2. Push email support for IMAP and Exchange. Messages arrive instantly in the email client.
  3. Email rules that not only allow you to move email messages to folders and delete, but also share them in contact records and Projects. Free your emails from your email client.
  4. One click Task creation with attendees automatically added.
  5. One click document creation from any attachment with Security.
  6. One click appointment creation with notifications directly within the email client.
  7. Create action items automatically when sending emails.
  8. Use Event Management to automatically send emails based on templates at key points within your business process.
  9. Junk Email filters built in and works in conjunction with your email server's junk email filtering.

Task Management SoftwareTask Management Software

There recently has been a plethora of online task management software solutions come onto the market. They all share common functionalities and common pitfalls that prevent them from being useful in the work place. Tradepoint Task Management Software is a truly collaborative platform that ensures that all parties are continually updated when necessary and that noise is kept to a minimum:

  1. Tradepoint Task Management Software automatically prioritizes your tasks in context of your day, your group's requirements, the company's requirements, and all specific projects. Now you don't have to hunt for the most important tasks or even think about what needs to be done. Tradepoint will tell you exactly what's most important and most urgent.
  2. Complete integration with the email client to allow one click task creation, follow-up tasks and automatic assignment based on recipients.
  3. Drag and drop tasks onto your schedule for quick and easy scheduling of work.
  4. Full Document management under tasks allowing you to store key documents related to the task directly with the task. No more hunting in your file system or on the network.
  5. Each task has a checklist of things to be completed which anyone can work on.
  6. Automatic notifications to all parties involved of any changes or updates from another member of the team to keep up-to-date at all times.
  7. Extensive reporting to see success and failure of tasks and why.

Tradepoint Web PortalOnline Web Portal

While most businesses struggle to have any form of scheduling software, task management software, or even an integrated email solution, Tradepoint business management software goes to the next level by providing a full online interactive portal for 3rd parties to collaborate with you based on extensive security:

  1. View shared documents
  2. View and update projects Projects
  3. View and contribute to Tasks
  4. View and update appointments
  5. Provide notes, documents and even create document revisions directly in your website.

Microsoft Exchange Server SynchronizationMicrosoft Exchange Synchronization

Like Microsoft Outlook Tradepoint can synchronize with Microsoft Exchange or even the Microsoft Outlook client. This allows:

  1. Synchronization of Tasks
  2. Synchronization of Appointments
  3. Synchronization of Email
  4. Any smartphone, PDA, IPad or other tablet that supports Microsoft Exchange (they all do) to be able to synchronize changes to tasks, appointments and email in real-time.
  5. Allow other email client software to retrieve and update emails and changes will be reflected within Tradepoint.


Tradepoint Scheduling SoftwareAppointment Scheduling Software

Most people have used Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Hotmail Calendar or Yahoo Calendar to attempt to manage their day. Microsoft Outlook combined with Microsoft Exchange Server can even do basic collaborative scheduling. However that simply is not enough. You must have instant visibility of everyone you work with and see real-time changes to schedules as you work.

  1. Tradepoint Scheduling Software follows the "Get it Done" principles to optimize your day and iteratively improve your time estimations by keeping track of projected versus actual time.
  2. All scheduling software views allow you to view not just your own schedule but your co-worker's schedule side by side with your own. This means that you can see your entire team at a glance.
  3. Day sheet, Work Week, Week, Timeline and Collaborative views ensure that you can quickly and easily see what's going on and when.
  4. Tradepoint Scheduling Software is designed to handle incompletes, complete, personal notes, and minutes of every appointment so that you can not only schedule your time, but track what happened.
  5. In one click you can act upon events during an appointment in the Tradepoint Scheduling Software's integrated CRM, Sales Automation and Accounting Software functions.
  6. Synchronize with Microsoft Exchange Server to quickly and easily manage your schedule on your Smartphone, PDA, IPad or other tablet.

Tradepoint Knowledge ManagementKnowledge and Document Management

Typically a company might resort to a combination of SharePoint and some form of Wiki. Tradepoint builds these tools right in and the results are amazing allowing you to securely share information across your entire company and even to 3rd parties quickly and easily:

  1. Manage documents associated with Contacts, Tasks, Appointments, Projects, Emails, and knowledge base articles.
  2. All documents are automatically keyword indexed based on their content to make it quick and easy to find what you're looking for using the extensive search functionality.
  3. Control security both internally and externally.
  4. Create knowledge base articles that are automatically keyword indexed.
  5. All knowledge base articles can be shared on the web securely providing your customers with quick and easy self-help tools and providing additional, timely and continuously updated content for search engines to index.
  6. Knowledge base articles will automatically be suggested to support staff when handling a case so that they can quickly and easily get at the information they need to resolve an issue instead of hunting around in vein.
  7. End the madness of only a few people in your organization having the information and everyone else constantly coming to those few people for help. Put it in the knowledge base and everyone has access as needed safely and securely.

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