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Integrated Order Fulfillment, Drop shipping, Real-Time Inventory Control and Call Center

Tradepoint Enterprise's Order Management System (OMS) streamlines the entire ordering process allowing sales from multiple sales channels to be processed simultaneously within one software system. Web orders, phone orders, channel (Amazon, Ebay, Magento and others) and direct sales are the primary channels supported within Tradepoint. 


Inventory Control SystemReal-Time Inventory Control System

Because Tradepoint Enterprise is an integrated order management system that handles all of your shipping, receiving, orders and inventory in one software package, inventory is tracked in real-time. That means that whether the order is from Amazon, your website, a reseller, Point of Sale or a call in order, inventory is tracked with availability to the second at all times. All orders are fulfilled within the same system automatically and inventory numbers, order available for shipment and purchasing notifications are automatically updated. The Tradepoint Inventory Control System can:

  1. Provide Live Inventory Statuses for each product
  2. Send order status notifications
  3. Send shipment notifications with tracking data.
  4. Provide online access for customers to track packages and order status and even create RMAs and request support.

Ecommerce Order Management SoftwareEcommerce Order Management System

With Tradepoint Enterprise software and our Ecommerce solutions, web orders happen 24 hours a day through a web site based on the design and setup of your web site and shopping cart. Built in tools customer communications through emails as orders are successfully processed through a website and shipped for a complete web experience through a web store. Tradepoint provides role based security settings to define responsibilities and streamline the order fulfillment process as web orders are placed. This ensure an efficient order fulfillment environment which increases customer satisfaction.

  1. Web orders processed go directly into shipping cue
  2. Company preferences for updating inventory as orders are processed
  3. Email auto responders for orders as they are completed and shipped
  4. Role based security settings for assigning orders as they are fulfilled
  5. Reporting for a quick glance of orders on a given day or week
  6. Drill down into specific orders through reporting

Call Center and RMA ProcessingCall Center

Tradepoint Enterprise's call center software facilitates ordering with full integration with telephone systems, automatic look-up of existing customers, and one click ordering. Further, Tradepoint Enterprise automates the support and return process throughout all steps including exchanging and refunding orders as applicable.

Because the call center system is fully integrated with the customer relationship management system (CRM) all data is shared from sales, to service and every step in-between to ensure duplicate data needn't ever be entered and that your customer satisfaction remains high, while simultaneously lowering your overhead.

Amazon, Ebay, Magento and other ChannelsAmazon, Ebay, Magento and Supply-Side Channel Integration

Tradepoint integrates with most major 3rd party channels for order fulfillment and shipping notification including:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Magento
  • Chanel Advisor

Further Tradepoint provides extensive support for integrating supplier systems into Tradepoint with integrations already available for:

  • CWR
  • Ellet Brothers
  • Most Standards compliant EMS systems

Custom integration are available with minimal work required once API documentation is provided from your supplier and can include automatic PO delivery, inventory status, drop ship tracking, and inventory feed updating.

RMA ManagementRMA Management

Tradepoint's best of breed Support and RMA system allows any business to efficiently manage the support and customer care aspect of order and inventory management. Tradepoint allows:

  1. Online support
  2. Self-Help including Knowledge Base with document management
  3. RMA requests online
  4. Order history and order status online
  5. RMA tracking
  6. Return, Refund and Exchange support with one click.
  7. Automatic exchange order generation with delta calculations and automatically payment/refund support with major credit cards or even by check.

Drop Shipping SupportDrop Shipping

Drop Shipping is a simple and effective way to manage inventory costs decrease shipping costs and decrease delivery times while supplementing current product offerings without increasing inventory on hand. With Tradepoint Enterprise drop shipping can be setup as a default, or done on an as needed basis either on an order by order basis or even down to a line item basis within an order if necessary. Drop ship updates can be done with a single click, automatically updating order status, emailing customers with tracking information, and completing all of the accounting necessary to finalize the transaction as your supplier completes the drop ship

Integrated AccountingIntegrated Accounting

Tradepoint is a complete GAAP compliant accounting system. As such, Tradepoint's Order Management System can quickly and easily update all inventory related accounting and process all facets of the accounting surrounding order fulfillment, allocation, inventory, and even automatic invoicing. The Tradepoint Order Management System can:

  • Track sales taxes in almost any jurisdiction with almost any rule-set including down to ship + county and special combinations like GST/HST.
  • Automatically handle inventory liability allowing product to be shipped immediately upon receipt instead of having to wait for the bill from the supplier like most inventory and accounting systems
  • Automatically generate invoices and take payments from credit cards upon completion of the shipment or order.
  • Automatically record inventory assets and calculate costing upon receipt of inventory from your suppliers.
  • Manage Damaged Goods, exchanges, refunds, write-offs and more.

Integrated Shipping Quotes and SchedulingIntegrated Shipping Quotes and Scheduling

Tradepoint directly integrates with the following shippers to provide real-time rate quotes, shipping scheduling, and print out of all supporting documentation including way-bills:

  • UPS Direct
  • UPS Worldship
  • USPS - Quote only
  • Endicia - USPS Quote and Scheduling/Printing
  • FedEx
  • DHL International
  • DHL Europe
  • Canada Post - Quote only
  • Purolator Courier
  • Royal Mail
  • Australian Post

We continue to add new shipping services regularly. By integrating directly, Tradepoint saves you time and money because you no longer have to enter your shipments twice.

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