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Sales Force and Sales Cycle Automation Software

Drive sales activity with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution with integrated tools specifically for sales and related sales activity. With Tradepoint Enterprise, companies using a direct sales channel will have numerous options for Customizable Sales Force Automation tools to address specific sales force and sales cycle automation needs. Tradepoint uses combination of tools work together for an integrated approach to sales force automation.

Sales OpportunitiesUnlimited Opportunities

Tracking prospecting activity within a consultative sales process is a detailed process since the structure of the relationship is often tied closely to the product a client is acquiring. Being able to track projected contract amounts and changes in an expected contract, stages of a sale and events that need to happen at each stage of a sales process.

Companies with direct sales forces using a consultative sales structure will appreciate the integrated tools built into Tradepoint for Opportunities tracking integrated into a Leads account as the activity happens. Opportunities includes a number of integrated tools to create an event driven Opportunities tools for sales forces driven by a Consultative Sales structure.

  1. Customizable Categories and Stages with integrated Event Management tools.
  2. Support for generating  Tasks for existing Opportunities
  3. Support for Appointments created from an Opportunity
  4. Support for multiple Opportunities for each contact
  5. View history of an Opportunity
  6. Upload, Create, or Scan in documents for each Opportunity
  7. Assign multiple Personnel to an Opportunity
  8. Estimated and actual closing dates can be entered to tracking time lines
  9. One click create Quotes from Opportunities
  10. Manage your Sales Cycle quickly and easily

Sales FunnelCommunication & Pipeline Activity Management

Sales momentum is achieved through multi-tasking with several activities consistently including generating consistent prospecting activity, lead creation, managing the stream of communications and being able to acquire new and returning customers in as timely a fashion. Managing communications and pipeline activity is key to maintaining sales momentum.

With Tradepoint a set of tools encompassing contact management, dashboards, reminder panels, a dynamic Schedule and email with IMAP, Exchange Server support and push capabilities for Blackberries and Smartphones. The combination provides a complete solution to competently handle communications and pipeline activity for a direct sales force.

  1. Email that Synchronizes with outlook or stands alone
  2. IMAP, POP3 and Exchange Server Support for Email
  3. Push features for Email for Blackberries and Smartphones
  4. Data Import tool for easy importing of contacts
  5. Alerts and Reminders for Calls, Emails, and Tasks
  6. Dashboards with live reminders and alerts for events as they are due
  7. Customizable Quote templates with support for more than one template
  8. Email Quotes with one click feature
  9. Track your sales cycle at every step in real-time

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Customer Relationship Management and Collaboration Integration

Tradepoint Sales Force Automation integrates directly into the Customer Relationship Management and Collaboration modules. This means that everything done from a sales prospective is automatically translated to the customer service side of the business:

  1. Generate Quotes, Tasks and Appointments directly from an Opportunity.
  2. Track your sales force's tasks, appointments and communication activity.
  3. All sales force activity automatically translates to customer support once the sale is complete.
  4. Manage direct sales for remote users automatically by allowing them to work offline and synchronize changes when an internet connection becomes available.
  5. Tradepoint sales force automation automatically drives your direct sales team to complete tasks based on prioritization done by the system. No more micro-managing!
  6. Track your sales team's schedules and allow managers to see all schedules quickly and easily. Track the results of any sales meetings and automatically resolve conflicts in schedules.
  7. Provides customers and prospects with an Online Portal to be able to see exactly where they stand, download quotes and documents as appropriate.

Integrated DashboardsWork Center Dashboards and Extensive Reporting

Sales activity is all about expanding a customer base. To do that a sales force needs a spring board for easy access to ongoing actions, and the capability to go from a quick overview to sales actions easily. Tradepoint's Work Center and Flyout provide an ideal springboard for a multitude of sales related actions. Reminders and alerts serve as the alarm clock for action items coming due including Quotes, RFQs, Calls and Flagged Email so a direct sales force can continue prospecting and filling their pipeline with activity.

  1. User based profiles with adjustable tools within a Work Center Dashboard and Flyout Panel
  2. Reminders with a Snooze button option with different timers for events
  3. Drill down tools for easy access to in-depth information from the Work Center
  4. Quick Reports for Flyout Panel options
  5. Right click tools for easy completion of action items
  6. Hover over tools for easy viewing of contact information
  7. Customizable Employee preferences for Email, Schedule and profile information
  8. Customizable reporting capability based on user security access
  9. Support for Email function from print preview screen
  10. Support for Export tools for Word, PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML and Text based files from print preview screen
  11. Save feature for saving reporting preferences
  12. Integrated Search tool for creating specific types of reports
  13. Drag and Drop tools for fields within reports for customizing appearance of information
  14. Pivot fields within profitability reports for sales activity
  15. Support for viewing profitability for sales activity reports
  16. View and manage your sales cycle and changes to the sales cycle over time to be able to accurately predict revenue from your sales cycle.

Contact Us to learn more on how Tradepoint Sales Force Automation can help your business's sales force thrive in a tough sales environment.

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