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Customer & Partner Testimonials

Customer Testimonials


Boyd Sterling
Managing Partner

Wolfmark Apparel

To: James Hancock at Tradepoint 360 (and anyone who is considering the purchase of this software).

I feel as though I can speak with great experience on this issue because in the last 4 years we have tested and
implemented 4 different software programs. Trade point is by far the smoothest operating most compressive and
most importantly best supported system we have implemented.

Wolfmark has grown rapidly over those 4 years from $900,000 a year in sales to over $3,000,000 in annual sales.
Although each system was able to accomplish some of the things we needed along the way, we always eventually ran
into a road block that compelled us to look for something that would allow us to take the next steps in our growth. I
believe Tradepoint will be our last system, because it has the ability to grow with us.

Here are some features built into Tradepoint that many systems claim, but don’t actually deliver!

• The email order and shipment confirmations are awesome; absolute best of any of the systems we have
used (and we have been thru a few).
• The credit card processing, including the authorizing and capture upon shipment, again absolutely the best
we have seen!
• The UPS shipping is working rather well.
• The ability to customize the various forms is really quite amazing, even for total novices like us.

I feel like we have only begun to use the capabilities of the program. My end of day updating of invoices went from a
2 hour chore to a twenty minute spot check. Most importantly to me the numbers work, by that I mean it’s quite
easy to look at sales reports and P&L’s and have my numbers match, it sounds like that would be a simple thing, but
with all of the programs I have been thru I can tell you your ahead of the curve in that regard. We are excited to learn
and use more of the features in the Tradepoint and very very appreciative of the attention responsiveness and
support you have given us during our implementation. Thanks again very Much!!
For all of you out there who have an IT guy, or don’t, please do not underestimate the savings of time and money
involved with the way Tradepoint updates. In previous systems when an update was introduced, it meant my IT guy
was going to have to work after hours, first installing the update on the server then applying that update to each work
station. Now when an update is issued it automatically applies to all work stations when they log on the next day.

End of story.
Boyd Sterling

Dale Olson
Operations Manager

Commercial Water Distributing

Featured on Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in 2009, features a tremendous selection of water
filtration units for commercial and residential needs.
“ had already grown out of three other software solutions to manage the web activity effectively. We
needed a stable solution that could expand with us and keep up with our growth. We chose Tradepoint…and are
happy we did.”

-Dale Olson

Partner Testimonials

Peter Logan

Thordog Technologies LLC

“We have been very impressed with Tradepoint. Not only do they use the latest in Microsoft technologies, the
technology actually works. But the best part about having a relationship with the folks at Tradepoint is their
commitment to customer service. They truly want your project to succeed and it shows. They are amazingly
responsive. We have asked that new features be added to the software in order to close business and make an
implementation a success. They did not just make empty promises. They wrote the delivery of the new features into
the contract, and then delivered, on time, before the project went live. And since they saw the value of these new
features for their entire install base, they did not charge for a one off customization. This level of customer service is
unheard of in our industry.
The Tradepoint bug fix process is amazing as well. We have run into some minor issues with the software, as no
program of this size is perfect. Any issues reported were fixed in 1-2 days, not 1-2 months. And the best part is that
because of their sync technology, the patches were delivered to the workstations automatically, without a technician
having to visit and install the fix on each client machine. We have finally found a technology that really does make
your life easier.
So far our experience partnering with Tradepoint has been stellar. We look forward to continued success selling and
implementing Tradepoint products.”

-Peter Logan

Michael LaBella
ThorDog Technologies

“As the marketplace for business has become increasingly competitive, our customer’s software needs have
continued to change. Consolidation of systems and software has leapt to the forefront of their technological
roadmaps. Tradepoint enables us to present a solution that provides a platform to meet their lofty expectations.
Tradepoint gives our customers a powerful and integrated package that can be quickly deployed (minimizing
transitional periods) and still have the ability to be customized to their exact specifications. With the great
introductory price point, Tradepoint puts less of a burden on budgets and allows our customers to only have to worry
about one thing....their business.”

-Michael LaBella

Matt Warren
78e - UK

“The team at Tradepoint have been amazing in supporting us since we started using the software, answering emails
queries within minutes and generally being very helpful and supportive, which is critical if you want to get the most
from any software. Their support has been above and beyond my expectations and puts all other companies to

-Matt Warren

Harry Yeh
CEO/CTO, Comet Computing

“Our partnership with Tradepoint has been a critical one, so much that we now have built our entire technology
boutique consulting firm around this platform. All of our infrastructure, support, and software development now
extends or compliments the platform.
For many years we were looking for a fully integrated business ERP platform based on .NET and SQL server that was
affordable and extensible to build our business on. Well, I am happy to say that after 8 years, since the release of
.NET, we have found it! We have evaluated over 10 different ERP solutions including AX, GP, Interprise (horror story),
Accpac, Sage, Business Vision, you name it; none of them meet the requirements of flexibility, openness, extensibility,
or maintainability. With Tradepoint, the sky is the limit with how we can extend and integrate other applications, and
has allowed us to focus on top quality deployments; knowing very well that we have an outstanding vendor behind
us. Sure there are bumps along the way, as in any partnership, but when 99% of it is positive, I can't complain! It's
given us a competitive advantage in our business and now we want to share this with all of our partners, customers,
and suppliers!
The strategic partnership between Tradepoint, Comet Computing and has been the key ingredient for
our rapid growth. We are now looking at expanding into Canada as well and look forward to an exciting long term
relationship with Tradepoint. We have been able to develop our own custom solutions while at the same time
maintain compatibility with Tradepoint's update, because of the flexible and extensible architecture built on the .NET
Framework 3.5.1 and SQL Server 2008. The group at Tradepoint continually evolves and continually re-invents
themselves, by pushing the standards of technology. The platform is extremely up to date and exciting to work with,
and is the only platform that takes advantage of rapid and scalable development technologies, such as LINQ from
Microsoft. This is clearly the best ERP Solution on the market to integrate with E-Commerce and any custom
application. Dynamics AX, SAP, Oracle, Sage, Accpac, Quickbooks, Peach Tree, Interprise etc, etc, we've tried them, all
and Tradepoint is the clear winner. "

-Harry Yeh

Mark Littman
Innovative ERP Solutions

“I have worked with Many Software Developers over the last 30 years. I have installed Over 600 ERP & E-Commerce
Solutions and find that Tradepoint360 is going to be a strong contender in the marketplace very soon. They treat
customers with respect and listen to their needs. They have put a lot of effort into a great product and are making it
better every day.”

-Mark Littman

Mark Rattée
Director, Business Development
New Tangent Systems Integration Group, Inc.

“Tradepoint 360 represents a very solid technology for our customers and us. We believe it delivers an end-to-end
solution for most small and medium businesses with a set of robust modules that allow us to integrate it effectively
into a range of enterprises. The Tradepoint team behind the product has proved to be committed and helpful
partners and they have assisted us greatly to make Tradepoint 360 an integral part of the solutions we provide.”

-Mark Ratte

Mark Morgan

"Tradepoint has provided us with a world class product that allows our customers with remote sales teams or POS
locations to work seamlessly in the event they lose connectivity with the central server. Their synchronization
technology allows multiple copies of the database to exist at each location and automatically synchronize when
connectivity is restored. "

"Tradepoint's support has been awesome, I am able to submit a support ticket and will either get a email response
or personal phone call to help address the problem same day! Even the president of the company helped me
personally with a support issue!"

-Mark Morgan

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