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Inventory Management & Real-Time Inventory Control Software

Tradepoint's Inventory Management and Real-Time Inventory Control Software package allows you to manage all aspects of your inventory including costing, reorder lead times, inventory turnover and projected run-rates:

Automated Inventory ManagementAutomated Inventory Management

Tradepoint's Integrated Inventory Management system allows you to quickly and easily maintain your inventory while doing your day to day business processes and focusing on what's important to you're business: Lowering overhead and increasing sales without worrying about Inventory Management.

  1. Inventory is automatically updated as a result of shipping, receiving and invoicing in real-time.
  2. Tradepoint automatically reports real-time inventory counts to all quotes, orders, invoices and other areas of the software.
  3. Automatically reports on low-stock inventory and notifies the appropriate personnel of the issue.
  4. Automatically tracks inventory turnover and overhead.

Inventory AnalysisAutomatic Inventory Analysis and Ordering

Tradepoint's ground breaking automatic analysis of use patterns including: Period Usage, Last Year Period Usage, YTD, Last YTD, real reorder times, daily usage rates, and other variables allows Tradepoint to make ordering suggestions that are hyper-accurate and allow you to purchase quickly and easily.

  1. Tradepoint Inventory Management automatically analyses your data using the above Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in combination with purchase history to project exactly how much inventory you will use over a specific period of time.
  2. Tradepoint Inventory Management then suggests what inventory you should reorder and from whom you should reorder.
  3. Tradepoint Inventory Management then will automatically take this data and create purchase orders for the appropriate suppliers.
  4. The system automatically ensures maximum availability of inventory while simultaneously minimizing your overhead.

Tradepoint automates the purchasing department using proven calculations to do the vast majority of the work to ensure inventory is available. Your purchasing department simply needs to focus on making sure that the products ordered get to you and negotiate costs with your suppliers.

Optimized Purchase OrderingOptimized Purchase Ordering

Tradepoint Inventory Management allows you to quickly and easily manage your purchase orders by allowing your sales process to drive your purchasing if you wish, and creating a staged purchase ordering process that can optimize your ordering by making sure minimum quantity, weight and volume discounts are achieved and ensuring with a single click that all items for that supplier/vendor are ordered at optimum levels taking into account your fulfillment pipeline.

  1. Can be set to automatically reorder when a sales order makes inventory drop below a certain threshold.
  2. Can be set to automatically create drop ship purchase orders for all drop ship items on an order.
  3. Can ensure that your inventory management is optimized based on projected sales data and year over year calculations.

Automated ReceivingAutomated Shipment Receipt

With one click shipment receive that allows you to validate the items that you're receiving by bar code or by visual count, manage un-requested or damaged goods and automatic update of inventory and valuations as a result, Tradepoint makes the process of receiving goods into inventory quick, easy and accurate.

  1. One click receive of a shipment
  2. Easy assignment to multiple bin-locations
  3. Tracks Serial Numbers
  4. Tracks Batches and allows full recalls based on sales data.
  5. Automatically puts received inventory into stock.
  6. Accounting system allows inventory to be sold immediately instead of having to wait for a Bill from the supplier to sell like most software.
  7. Tracks inventory turnover and time to reorder in real-time

Inventory Costing and ValuationsAdvanced Inventory Costing Methods

Tradepoint has 3 unique costing methods that can be defaulted or set per product/inventory item:

  1. Valuations, which can be updated periodically over time which is used in most enterprise level accounting systems.
  2. Average costing similar to QuickBooks or other basic accounting packages.
  3. Per Purchase Order which uses a prorated amount from the purchase order including shipping, duties and other landed costs. Depending upon your needs this can ensure that you minimize your overhead and get far more accurate valuations on your products to ensure that the margin you think you have is the margin you really have after landed costs.

Automated Inventory TransfersAutomated Transfers Between Warehouses and even Between warehouses in Separate Divisions

Tradepoint does all of the work for you when it comes to doing inventory transfers between warehouses.

  1. Fully supports unlimited numbers of warehouses.
  2. Allows transfers between warehouses and locations
  3. Allows transfers between warehouses and locations in different companies and divisions with automatic handling of accounting.
  4. Eliminates the need for time consuming and error prone journal entries in both companies' General Ledger.
  5. Is tracked separately from sales and receipt and will not affect inventory turnover calculations.

Order FulfillmentAutomated Sales Order Fulfillment with Integrated Shipping Services

Tradepoint does Inventory Management automatically for you by processing all sales orders with 2 clicks:

  1. Automatic identification of orders that can be fulfilled with current inventory numbers.
  2. Automatic removal of inventory upon shipment.
  3. Automatic assigning of orders to fulfill so only one person can fulfill an order.
  4. Automatic scheduling of shipments, printing of bill of laidings and international customs documents as appropriate with supported carriers.
  5. See inventory turnover in real-time

Sell ImmediatelySell Your Goods At Time of Receipt

Unlike most other systems, Tradepoint implements an advanced Inventory Liability accounting system that allows you to sell goods the moment that they are received into inventory. That means that you don't have to wait for the bill from the supplier to be able to sell product! The day it arrives is the day you ship, no more lists of invoices to process once you receive a bill from the supplier, no more waiting to ship until the supplier gets you the paper work. If it's in your warehouse, you can ship it and sell it instantly.

Contact Us today to find out how our Inventory Management System can help your business master your inventory control needs.

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