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Tradepoint Ecommerce Shopping Cart and CMS Add-on:
The Smart Way to Run a Web Site


Tradepoint Ecommerce Shopping Cart and CMS allows businesses running Tradepoint Enterprise to provide customers with a cutting edge ecommerce web site with shopping cart, and customized content all while integrating order fulfillment, customer service, knowledge base, and press releases into a single cohesive whole. Tradepoint Ecommerce Shopping Cart and Content Management System (CMS) provides:

Ecommerce Shopping CartShopping Cart

Tradepoint Ecommerce Shopping Cart automatically takes your product listings and puts them on the web for sale based on your settings:

  1. Control if the product is visible or visible to only certain security permissions on the web.
  2. Control if the product can be purchased online
  3. Setup matrices with unlimited depth for color and size permutations (for example) quickly and easily without massive duplication.
  4. Control all SEO variables including Title, Keyword, Description and all content on the site.
  5. Customize placement and priority.
  6. HTML 5 and CSS 3 native with backwards support for legacy browsers so that your site looks great in IE 6+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera while ensuring the very best of HTML 5.
  7. HTML 5 support ensures that search engines will find your content better. The HTML 5 Article tag places content in easily definable and searchable regions. The use of HTML 5's Nav, Header and Footer tags ensures that search engines can understand the content of the site and index accordingly.
  8. Two click checkout to shorten the process and reduce funnel abandonment.
  9. Add to Cart does not go to the shopping cart, thus shortening the sales process.
  10. Automatic address fill to ensure correct and successful address entry and checkout.
  11. Paypal and Google Instant checkout to further shorten the checkout process.
  12. Native natural language live search with automatic prioritization of results based on popularity and inverse to age.

Customer PortalCustomer Portal

Tradepoint Ecommerce Shopping Cart's web portal will allow contacts including leads, customers, suppliers and resellers to log into a web site to access information specific to a user. Security settings ensure that only specific types of information can be accessed through a web portal. Different types of contacts can also have access to different types of information:


  1. Basic contact information with an option to allow editing through the web portal
  2. Appointments
  3. Tasks
  4. Projects, including time lines and scheduled milestones
  5. Documents
  6. Order History
  7. Invoice history
  8. Option to purchase products
  9. Request a Quotation
  10. Manage publications (newsletters, white papers, etc)
  11. Knowledge Base or on line library 
  12. RMA Requests

Integrated Payment GatewaysIntegrated Payment Gateways

Tradepoint Ecommerce Shopping Cart supports an extensive list of payment gateways automatically out of the box:

  1. PayPal and PayPal Instant Checkout allowing customers to use their PayPal account to checkout and also allows you to clear credit cards through Paypal's payment gateway.
  2. Google Checkout and Google Instant Checkout
  4. Skipjack
  5. Dharma
  6. Moneris
  7. FirstData
  8. YesPay (and all sub services)
  9. Global Collect
  10. SagePay
  11. And Many more with many more added on a regular basis!

Any combination of the above  gateways can be used together for checkout purposes. Further credit card data can be stored in a PCI compliant form utilizing the gateway's wallet function if available to minimize exposure or falling back to a fully encrypted wallet system built into the Ecommerce system for gateways that do not support a wallet system. This allows customers to store cards and for you to process recurring orders and invoices automatically without having to violate PCI rules or seek credit card information to automatically process.

Live Shipping RatesLive Shipping Rates

Tradepoint Ecommerce Shopping Cart supports most majoy shipping services and will provide account specific rate quotes based on items within a customer's cart instantly from these services without having to use any manual billing table entry (although you may override these for flat rate rules etc.)

  1. UPS
  2. FedEx
  3. DHL
  4. UPS Worldship - Enabling UPS Basic Shipping through Worldship while doing rate quotes for all other shipping Methods using direct UPS integration.
  5. Endicia - USPS fully customized rate quotes and shipments.
  6. USPS
  7. Canada Post - Rate quotes only.
  8. Purolator Courier
  9. Royal Mail
  10. DHL Europe
  11. Australian Mail
  12. And many more with more being added on a regular basis!

Amazon, Ebay, Magento, Channel Advisor Support and more!Amazon, eBay, Channel Advisor, Magento and More Channel Support

Tradepoint Ecommerce Shopping Cart supports integrated selling channels that allow for synchronization of extensive information to key markets:

  1. Amazon integration allows synchronization of all orders incoming from Amazon, changes to orders and shipments made against those orders allowing you to focus on fulfillment and not telling Amazon that you are fulfilling.
  2. Channel Advisor integration allows synchronization of all products, orders, updates against those orders and shipments. This allows direct access to eBay, Amazon, and many other shopping and price comparison sites supported by Channel Advisor.
  3. eBay integration allows for synchronization of orders with eBay, order status updates, and shipments notifications back to eBay.
  4. Magento integration allows you to use Magento's 3rd party web site technology and synchronize orders, order status updates, and shipments directly with Magento using the Magento API.


Multi-Currency, Language and Web SitesMulti-Language and Multi-Currency Multiple Web Site Support

Tradepoint Ecommerce Shopping Cart allows businesses to handle multiple web sites, and an unlimited number of currencies and languages per web site empowering product targeting and international operations:

  1. Create an unlimited number of web sites per Company and Division allowing for branding and custom presentation
  2. Add custom titles, descriptions, keywords and even priority placements per site.
  3. Allow each site to be in multiple languages. The site will automatically detect the language of a visitor and if there is a localized version for that language will display that language to the visitor. - Note: You must provide the translations.
  4. Every site can provide multiple currency support so that customers can purchase in their own currency. The system will automatically handle this within the integrated accounting system.

Content Management SystemContent Management System (CMS)

Tradepoint Ecommerce Shopping Cart is not just a shopping cart, but also a full Content Management System (CMS).

  1. Edit and control all content on every page directly through Tradepoint Enterprise without having to get HTML edited manually on the site.
  2. Edit all changes in a full WYSIWYG editor.
  3. Create custom additional pages based on pre-defined templates or create new templates to based your new pages on.
  4. Full spell check on all content inline to ensure a professional look.
  5. The ability to create custom sections and tabs to any product within the system.
  6. Integrated Knowledge Base to provide customers with self-help documents with full keyword indexed search to find content quickly and easily.
  7. Fully integrated Press Relations section to be able to release press releases in the most effective way possible in a fully SEOed and indexed environment.
  8. Custom content for logged in users with security including custom pages within the member portal.

Affiliate ManagementAffiliate Tracking, Referral and Reporting

Tradepoint Ecommerce Shopping Cart provides full Affiliate Management and Tracking:

  1. Automatically determines referrer by referring URL.
  2. Accepts affiliate referral ID on checkout.
  3. Access affiliate referral ID on any site URL.
  4. Provides a portal for affiliates to see their statistics and what they will be reimbursed for.
  5. Full Multi-level Marketing (MLM) structure support to track multiple levels of affiliate.
  6. Affiliate Reimbursement by level, and by product, category, group or department at every level. Choose between percentage based or fixed amount.
  7. Reimbursement wizard automatically invoices and pays your affiliates.

Integrated Google MarketingGoogle Adwords, Google Analytics, and Google Shopping Integration

By simply entering a few pieces of data in Tradepoint Enterprise the Ecommerce site will automatically track:

  1. Google Adwords and specific products purchased by adword campaign and keywords.
  2. Google Analytics. Tradepoint will automatically track all clicks and page content including the real-time data. Further Tradepoint automatically will report sales data back to Google Analytics to assist in goal completions etc.
  3. Tradepoint Ecommerce Shopping Cart automatically provides a feed for Google Products of all products available on your site with the rules that you specify. Simply enter the URL to your site within Google Products and have your products automatically advertised including with Google Adwords.


Integrated AccountingIntegrated Accounting and Order Fulfillment

All Ecommerce transactions automatically link into the integrated accounting solution Tradepoint Enterprise. As a result a business using Tradepoint will no longer need to reenter accounting data from the day's sales within their accounting system. In fact all invoicing and payments are automatically completed for you when shipments are made.

In addition all orders are fulfilled from the web and channels just like any other order. As a result all you need to do is fulfill using the standard fulfilment screens which support high speed fulfillment with minimal work, and the rest of the process is complete including:

  1. Automatic notification of the customer of shipment and order status updates.
  2. Automatically creating invoices and payments on shipment.
  3. Automatically scheduling pickup and printing out international customs documents as necessary.
  4. Automatically updating inventory in real-time.
  5. Automatically handling drop-ship notifications and even integrating with your supplier's system to automatically handle notifications of drop ship without intervention from your staff.


Contact us to learn more about Tradepoint Enterprise Ecommerce Shopping Cart and CMS.

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