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Small Business Accounting Software and ERP Software Solutions

Tradepoint Business Management Software is the perfect Business Software Solution for Small and Medium Sized businesses who want to optimize their time and efficiency and get that elusive competitive edge by using a single software package to manage their entire business from lead to fulfillment, from Purchase Order to billing. Tradepoint Enterprise Business Software provides all of the tools to ensure that your business runs flawlessly and that your personnel are working on what matters: Increasing sales, and decreasing costs. By eliminating many different software packages, Tradepoint ensures that the days of double entry of information are eliminated, as are cumbersome data imports, and integrations, manually storing information on spreadsheets and post it notes, having to manually keep track of orders that have been fulfilled and then invoicing for them etc. etc. etc. Tradepoint provides you with one solution that is fully automated across your entire business!

CRMCustomer Relationship Management (CRM)

Tradepoint Customer Relationship Management (CRM) manages your contacts from lead to customer support keeping detailed records on all points of contacts and opportunities to improve the customer relationships. For more information please see our CRM page.

SFASales Force Automation (SFA)

Utilizing and extending the CRM functionality, Tradepoint Enterprise Systems fully manages, reports and even makes sales predictions based on your sales force's opportunities and allows them to act quickly and efficiently to move leads and existing customers through the sales pipeline.

Order FulfillmentOrder Management/Fulfillment

Tradepoint Enterprise Systems fully automates the order management process by streamlining orders from any source and driving those to shipment in the warehouse including direct integration with UPS, FedEx, DHL, Endicia, USPS (and more) to do live rate quotes and print out bills of lading and international customs documents as necessary.


Intelligent Purchasing is the key to good inventory management. Tradepoint Enterprise Systems enables informed, intelligent purchasing, while fully automating the process to ensure on time inventory, maximizing savings, while simultaneously optimizing availability no matter the time of year, or market changes that are affecting your business success.

Inventory ManagementInventory Management

Tradepoint Inventory Management automatically tracks inventory use across all usage points and simultaneously tracks purchasing and replenishment. Using this comprehensive data-set, Tradepoint Inventory Management then automates the purchasing process to minimize overhead and landing costs, while maximizing availability. With Tradepoint Inventory Management, you no longer have to dread inventory counts, or being out of stock.

  1. Fully automated order fulfillment with integrated shipping with most major carriers.
  2. Automated Transfers across your warehouses and across companies.
  3. Automated receiving of shipments from suppliers.
  4. Full supply chain management
  5. Real-time Inventory Management with automatic updating at all levels.


Accounting Software SystemAccounting Software System

Tradepoint Enterprise Systems changes the way you look at accounting and accounting software while simultaneously working the way you expect: following GAAP rules to ensure business success. Tradepoint's Accounting system fully integrates with it's CRM to ensure no double entry ever again.

  1. Complete accounting software with full Invoicing, payments, orders, and quotes
  2. Manage your supply side accounting through Tradepoint accounting software including purchase orders, bills, and automated bill pay functionality.
  3. Automatically reconcile accounts with Tradepoint account software using your bank's downloadable file.
  4. Complete integration with Payment gateways to process credit cards through both Tradepoint Ecommerce and Tradepoint Accounting Software.
  5. Integrated Accounting software directly into the Customer Relationship Management Module.

Email, Scheduling, Tasks, and ProjectsCollaboration

Manage email, scheduling and task management with your staff and customers in one central location. POP3, IMAP and Exchange fully supported.

  1. Fully integrated email client with deep integration into the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, call center and other areas of the system.
  2. Automatic task prioritization that drives completion without having to have a dedicated project manager.
  3. Full Project Management functionality.
  4. Full Document management software built in.
  5. Integrated online portal for 3rd parties to collaborate with you.

E-commerce Shopping CartE-Commerce Shopping Cart/Content Management (CMS)

Tradepoint's integrated shopping cart and content management system allows you to build your website once and have it automatically update and drive sales orders directly into the order management system.

Call CenterCall Center

Tradepoint Enterprise Systems drives a fully telephony and web integrated call center utilizing the CRM, Inventory Management and Accounting System to process customer support tickets, providing highly successful customer support with minimal overhead.

  1. Full online and offline customer support center for assisting customers and partners via the web portal or on the phone.
  2. Phone integration for automatic identification of incoming calls bringing up the contact's information for the customer support representative.
  3. Integration with the customer relationship management system.
  4. Full integration with accounting, returns and other ERP functions.

Online/Offline/HostedOnline/Offline/Hosted - You Choose

Tradepoint uses a proprietary Engine to allow Online, Offline and Hosted scenarios: You choose how, where and on what platform you want to use it.

  1. We'll host your ERP and make it accessible on your laptop, desktop, at home and even on tablets.
  2. Run your ERP software locally for speed and local security.
  3. Have remote users synchronize changes with 3x512bit encryption automatically whenever an internet connection is available.
  4. Have your website have it's own database and always fast and synchronize changes in the background.
  5. You choose any permutation and combination of users setup however you like.

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