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Project Management Software with Gantt Chart, Integrated with your Business

Designed for both small start ups and large enterprises, Project Management has moved from an external activity from most corporate needs to an active part of business. Project management has long been its own profession serving as a critical resource for companies going through a multitude of processes. Often Project Management has been utilized primarily by larger enterprises to manage growth. Project management has since been redefined in the last 10 years with many businesses of all types and sizes recognizing the everyday need for it within their own organization.

For companies who have a need for Projects and Project Management Software Tradepoint includes an integrated Project Management Software module with Gantt chart. Tradepoint's Project Management software is integrated with CRM and Accounting capabilities making it an ideal business management software for smaller and medium sized growing businesses.

High Powered Project Management with Gantt ChartingHigh Powered Project Management

Tradepoint provides the same great functionality you'd expect from an top-tier project management software solution, but does so in an easy to use environment so you'll actually use it:

  1. Integrated Tasks and Appointments that automatically update as users work on them.
  2. Full Gantt chart with dependencies.
  3. Completion graphing
  4. Extensive reporting with projected versus actuals and other analysis.
  5. Complete integration with accounting including Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Bills, Payments, and Purchase Orders
  6. Project Templating for projects that are the same time and time again.
  7. Online web portal to allow 3rd parties to collaborate in real-time with your staff on projects, tasks, appointments and documents.

Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Tradepoint's Project Management Software fully integrates with the Tradepoint Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to allow for complete integration between project and customers, partners and even leads.

  1. Projects will display directly on the contact's collaboration list.
  2. Projects can be linked to other transactions including call logs, quotes, orders, invoices, and even bills automatically.
  3. Any personnel or individual outside of your organization can be linked to a project, task or appointment and provided online access as needed with full security.
  4. Documents can be shared within your organization and even online through the web portal for 3rd parties.

Integrated CollaborationFull Collaboration Integration

Tradepoint Project Management provides complete integration with Tradepoint's best of breed scheduling, and task management and can synchronize with Outlook and Exchange for remote management as well:

  1. Tasks created in a project are automatically shared with applicable employees and the project is updated as employees update tasks.
  2. Appointments are automatically scheduled in the Tradepoint schedule and notifications are sent to 3rd parties with ical support.
  3. Full Document management support on projects, tasks and appointments means that you can link in documents onto a project so that they're available at all times including, based on security, on the web portal for 3rd parties.

Time Management Made EasyTime Management and Projection Tools

Tradepoint fully automates time management within your company by:

  1. Integrating punch clock functionality and allowing linking to specific projects.
  2. Provides projection capabilities for staff to project hours per week that will be worked per project.
  3. Comparison reporting on projected versus actuals.
  4. Handles automatic employee loading and can even report on overloaded or problem areas.
  5. Automatically prioritizes tasks based on all projects in the system so that employees know what to work on and when. No more chasing and micro-managing task completion.

Budgeting and ExpensingBudgeting and Expensing

Tradepoint project management handles the budgeting and expensing of projects automatically.

  1. Add budget items directly to tasks and appointments within the project detailed plan.
  2. Add budget and expenses directly to the overall project for non-task-specific items.
  3. Convert budget items into expenses.
  4. Link Bill line items to projects with one click.
  5. Automatically record Purchase Orders within the Project and one click create bills upon receipt of goods on the purchase order.

Automated InvoicingFully Automated Invoicing

Because Tradepoint Project Management Software with Gantt Chart can track time and materials on every Project invoicing a customer or group of customers is quick and easy with one click invoicing for outstanding work based on negotiated rates per employee and job on the project.

  1. Tracks hours worked on a project.
  2. Select and one click add all hours to an open invoice on the customer/partner.
  3. Add additional budget and expense items with one click to the open invoice to allow for materials invoicing.
  4. Track invoicing and payments over time on a per project basis.

Contact Us today to find out how our Integrated Project Management solution can assist your business in getting organized.

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