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Tradepoint Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Business Productivity is driven by a streamlined and cohesive Customer Relationship Management solution. The ability to respond, track and manage customer contacts and account information is taken for granted when it comes to handling the 'front office' work flows for customer relationship management. Equally important and often time overlooked is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) of the processes that happen starting with Inventory Management to the time an Order is fulfilled. Efficient handling of product management needs in a fast paced company can be an important factor growth and how profitable a company can be. Tradepoint Enterprise Systems is a fully functional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software solution that encompasses all areas of your business in one seamless enterprise solution whether you are a small business or a growing Enterprise.

Tradepoint Enterprise Systems has a set of integrated tools designed to accommodate the fundamentals of a business' ERP needs with the ability to extend Tradepoint ERP Software to meet high performance warehousing and Product management work flows and your business operations. 

Product ManagementProduct Management

An efficient product management environment has to allow the ability to handle multiple properties for products with the flexibility to make changes on demand if necessary.  Tradepoint Enterprise's Product Management tools provide an integrated view where multiple details can be managed within a single product or handle default preferences for many. Support for Accounting rule defaults for each product:

  1. Support for inventoried items, drop shipping, and services
  2. Kitting, Bill of Materials and gift cards also supported.
  3. Bar code and RFID ready.
  4. Support for multiple taxes per product defined by jurisdiction and applicability with many custom rules supported.
  5. Multiple Price Lists per product revisable over time.
  6. Able to support multiple valuations per Product over time.
  7. Support for a Per Purchase Order costing model for handling fluctuating costs and ensuring the most accurate costing model available.
  8. Attach and require service contracts on products or set to prompt customer to add service contracts easily.
  9. Supports multiple Suppliers with priorities for automatic re-ordering of Products, reorder time and purchasing history.
  10. Automatic re-ordering based on alerts generated by Inventory minimums
  11. Support for volume discounts for quantity purchasing
  12. Unlimited depth matrix support for colors and sizes and other permutations of product.
  13. Manage website settings in the same interface as you configure your products to simplify web site creation.

Ecommerce Product ListingsEcommerce Product Listings

For companies that sell products on the web, one of the most important elements is maintaining the most up to date information about product listings. The ability to change just the information in one product quickly and when necessary is vital to maintaining the most recent information about products to clients through a website. Tradepoint's product management tools include multiple tools for managing the web content for Products in the same interface as your internal product defaults creating a completely integrated environment for managing all Product settings. Ecommerce Product listing capabilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Support for both short and long listings for Product descriptions
  2. Support for Specifications for detailed product information
  3. Two levels of up selling for Accessories within products
  4. Post down loadable documents for products
  5. Image Gallery with capability for multiple images
  6. Integrated Search Engine Optimization tools for easy entry of keywords
  7. Support for creating Custom Web Pages featuring any Products
  8. Authorized Review tool enabled
  9. Web support for discounts to be applied to specific Customers or Resellers

Order FulfillmentOrder Fulfillment

Being able to fulfill orders through multiple channels is critical to providing a seamless customer experience in a diverse business climate. Tradepoint Enterprise Systems ERP supports order fulfillment through the web, and internally on the phone or through a direct sales force providing your company with a sound solution where a business is looking to support order fulfillment through multiple channels.

A combination of tools based on user profile settings allows for automated alerts and reminders through all aspects of a business work flow from the time a Lead becomes a new customer to follow up after an order has been successfully fulfilled. Where a sales force will see and receive all the necessary alerts and reminders necessary to keep the momentum going,  warehouse and fulfillment teams will receive notifications of new orders to be fulfilled and what has been shipped already.

  1. Support for direct and web based ordering operating simultaneously
  2. Auto send tools for email messages based on completed orders
  3. Process payments electronically through Order screen in Tradepoint
  4. Support assigning orders to a specific user to prevent fulfillment duplication
  5. Supports printing Pick Lists and Packing Slips individually or in batches
  6. Supports partial order fulfillment
  7. Supports auto-generation of purchase orders for drop shipped items
  8. Supports Order with drop shipped and physically fulfilled items
  9. Live Inventory levels visible from Orders screen
  10. Support for re-ordering of products directly from Orders screen
  11. Subsequent PO information available through Orders screen for tracking drop shipped items

Inventory, Purchasing and Stock AnalysisStock Analysis, Inventory & Purchasing

Being able to provide a seamless approach with Suppliers for re-ordering activity and being able to track the work flow on the Supply Side creates a productive Supplier management environment which in turn supports Order Fulfillment and the front end of a company. With Tradepoint ERP Software, managing the Supply Side of a company will reflect many of the tools within the CRM only applied to Suppliers. Consequentially, reminders, alerts and events are also driven on the Supply Side by the same structure driving most CRM functions and events.

  1. Security Access can separate the ability to create a Purchase Order and confirm a Purchase Order
  2. Automatic reminders for Purchase Orders based on Max/Min levels in Inventory
  3. Automatic re-ordering at Max levels for Products within Purchase Orders
  4. Auto-generation of Purchase Orders for drop shipped items as the Order is created
  5. Advanced Stock Analysis tool for batch ordering based on preferences, lead times and usage data to predict inventory requirements to maximize availability and minimize overhead.
  6. Integrated tools for applying multiple addresses for drop shipping
  7. Batch bill pay for check runs with just a few clicks
  8. Support for back Ordered items 
  9. Integrated Receiving wizard supports batch numbers
  10. Full supply chain automation supported with complete supplier channel API integration, and automatic reordering.
  11. Reorder history, availability and full inventory life cycle available out of the box. Track every individual inventory item automatically without delay.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management and the resulting Customer Relationship life cycle can easily be maximized with Tradepoint Enterprise Systems. Tradepoint Customer Relationship Management Software provides a strong CRM solution relevant for a wide range of industries whether or not your company uses one of our integrated Ecommerce solutions. As part of an integrated solution, Tradepoint Customer Relationship Management Software ties in with numerous sub-systems for a CRM solution extending well beyond the basic. The result is a scalable software solution with in-depth functionality enabling Tradepoint Enterprise to adapt to a variety of Customer Relationship Management needs.

Sales Force AutomationSales Force Automation

Drive sales activity with a CRM solution with integrated tools specifically for sales and related sales activity.  With Tradepoint ERP Software, companies using a direct sales channel will have numerous options for Customizable Sales Force Automation tools to address specific sales force automation needs. Tradepoint uses combination of tools work together for an integrated approach to sales force automation.


  1. Customizable Categories and Stages with integrated Event Management tools.
  2. Support for generating Tasks for existing Opportunities
  3. Support for Appointments created from an Opportunity
  4. Support for multiple Opportunities for each contact
  5. View history of an Opportunity
  6. Upload, Create, or Scan in documents for each Opportunity
  7. Assign multiple Personnel to an Opportunity
  8. Estimated and actual closing dates can be entered to tracking time lines
  9. Create and manage quotes on each opportunity.
  10. Create an unlimited number of opportunities per lead or customer.
  11. Track projected revenue and other close data with a single click.
  12. Work with sales force automation tools directly within the CRM and accounting functions to better integrate your business.
  13. Create mailers and mail merge letters, offers and contracts to customers.

Integrated AccountingIntegrated Accounting

Tradepoint Enterprise Systems changes the way you look at accounting and accounting software while simultaneously working the way you expect: following GAAP rules to ensure business success. Tradepoint's Accounting system fully integrates with it's CRM to ensure no double entry ever again.

Full Business Analytics Reporting

One of the most important aspects of any business is getting at the information you need to make the right decisions. Tradepoint ERP Software, by integrating all areas of your business makes getting at this information easy, and acting upon it even easier:

  1. Track all accounting including Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, P/L and Income Statements, A/R, A/P and more.
  2. Track opportunities and even project based on stage and history revenue generated from sales opportunities
  3. Report on inventory levels, requirements for reordering and historical details about usage and run rates.
  4. Report on sales data both in a summary view with charting and from a detail view by sales person, contact, product and almost any other criteria imaginable.
  5. Track all CRM data and interactions quickly and easily.
  6. Fully drill-down-able reports ensure quick and easy actions on items viewed.
  7. Save and load report layouts and even filters for quick retrieval at a later date.
  8. Custom reporting tool available.

Point of Sale SolutionsPoint of Sale

Whether you own an independent bookstore, run a pro sports shop, or serve as the IT Director for a chain of high-end women’s shoe stores—no matter what type of retail environment you work in—our retail point of sale solution is so comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, you’ll be left wondering how you ever got along before. A simple but powerful interface allows you to custom design menu screens and control how each menu element should look and function. Create buttons through the Manage Button Task option (e.g. touch screen, text or image buttons), set different functions for each. For a more advanced customization, custom functions can be written in C# and VB.Net through the Tradepoint Code Engine that can be accessed directly in Tradepoint Retail. New registers can be added in a single step as your business grows.

Collaboration: Email, Scheduling, Task Management and moreCollaboration and Call Center

Tradepoint Enterprise's CRM includes Call Logs specifically designed to handle incoming and outgoing service calls with customers and partners.  Further the same call system automates the sales process by tracking all incoming and outgoing sales communication by phone, email, and web site.

Further Tradepoint include integrated email, scheduling and task management that can drive your business communication while simultaneously eliminate repetitive, and redundant conversation.

Contact us to learn more about Tradepoint Enterprise Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP).

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