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1.1 Introduction to the Setup Guide with Tradepoint


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For companies who are choosing not to use our Implementation Services, the articles in this section of the Support are intended to walk you through the steps necessary to get started with Tradepoint quickly.

The following is a basic outline of the steps to get your business started using Tradepoint quickly. The outline below provides an idea of the content covered in greater detail within the Quick Start Support section for Tradepoint. The following articles will provide key images and further detail with tips and tricks to keep in mind along the way.

1. Your Company Profile-Since your activity will be organized and tracked by Company Profile create a Company profile within Tradepoint through the Company Settings icon found under the Tools tab. Several different types of information and preferences can also be specified within your company profile dictating which processed will be handled in the background of Tradepoint as you run your business.

2. Your Employee Profile-All activity will be tracked by user in a similar way that all activity will be associated with a Company or Divisions of a Company. All activity will be tracked by user profile so creating your profile is the second thing you should do right after establishing your company profile. The following 3 articles will go into further detail about enabling specific details within a Employee profile so you can use Tradepoint as quickly as possible.

If you have numerous Employees within your organization and there is only one or more individuals responsible for the Setup and Configuration of  Tradepoint, then establish your Employee profile initially and you can come back at a later time and enter in the basic information needed for additional Employees to login to Tradepoint.

3. Establish Login and Security Access-The default profile within Tradepoint will be Administrator Settings. Create your Login and Password underneath the Security Settings icon within your Employee Profile. Additional profiles for other Employees can be added later with further definition in the Security Setting for specific roles within your company. Tips are provided on how to quickly define some of the most common Employee profiles used within Tradepoint in this article.

4. Email Setup-To get started using Tradepoint quickly setup your Email Account within Tradepoint. One or more email accounts can be setup for each Employee profile within Tradepoint with Incoming and Outgoing Server Settings established in the Email Setup Section of the one Employee profile in the Employees section of Tradepoint.

5. Activate your Schedule-Setup a stream of time for your Office or Working Hours to activate your Dynamic Schedule within Tradepoint. Assign that stream to your won profile and your own Dynamic Schedule has been established within Tradepoint. Adding other Employees to your schedule can be done at this same time or at a later time when you add other profiles to Tradepoint.

6. Category & Statuses-Tradepoint give you the ability to structure and Categorize every type of information your company uses. Many organization do not necessarily define every part of their company's information. This is why we are offering suggestions as to what types of information are most commonly used and some suggestions on how to get them setup quickly.

7. Data Imports-Importing Data has numerous obstacles even when circumstances are favorable. Whether it is a list of Customers, Suppliers, Corporate Rolodex, Products and/or your General Ledger there are a number of things you should keep in mind about managing your company's information. Here we will go over with you the Data Import tool within Tradepoint as well as some guidelines to keep in mind about your data in so you can make the most of the Data Import tool that Tradepoint provides for you to get your data into Tradepoint.

8. Customize your Reports-Tradepoint has tools within each Report to customize them in considerable detail. So you can use Tradepoint as quickly as possible, this article will address the most requested customizations for your reports.

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