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Reporting and Business Intelligence


Reporting and Analysis Features of Tradepoint are covered in this article.


An introduction to Tradepoint's reporting capability with drag and drop fields and advanced customization tools built right into the interface is outlined in this article.

Follow these steps to add a watermark to your Documents. More
Add bar codes to your documents for continuity in your barcoding system. More
Add hyperlinks to your documents for easy access to web resources from electronic documents. More

My Business is the Analytic reporting area of Tradepoint. Complete Reporting capability including over 75 preset templates, the option to Export Report Results directly into Excel and the ability to add graphic charts to your reports are just a few options available to your company with My Business Analytic reporting.


Tradepoint's Work Center dashboard tool is explained in this article. Easily confirgure and adjust your personal dashboard based on your Role within your Company with all of the up to date business information you need at your fingertips. Tradepoint's Work Center dashboard updates as your information does providing you with the latest business information within your company.


Tools to configure your Work Center dashboard are explained in this article. Customize your Work Center with the dashboard view of your company's information relevant to your Role in your Company. Tradepoint's Work Center updates with live information as you go through your day. The Work Center dashboard also includes functional tools allowing you to perform various functions right from the Work Center.

Use these tools to setup your Flyout Panel for active reminders and updates on yoru company information as it happens. More
Save options for your reports are outlined in this article. Each report can have multiple report templates. More

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