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8.0 Introduction to Reporting and Analysis


One of the most important parts of any business management solution is reporting. Without it, you can never truely know how your business is doing. Tradepoint provides a number of tools that will assist you in finding out about your business and better planning day to day operations.

Contact Based Reporting

Within your contacts you will be able to create reports based on any of your search results within the following contact types:

  • Sources
  • Enquiries
  • Leads
  • Customers
  • Resellers
  • Competitors
  • Rolodex
  • Suppliers
  • Warehouses
  • Products
  • Employees

Each section above will have the search panel on the left hand side of the screen along with the print icon at the bottom of the screen and in some cases you will have several report options. The example below shows reporting options from a search performed in Customers.

The Print icon you see in the lower left will contain the reporting options available within that contact section. Contact based reporting provides a tool for you to have reports based on your seacrh criteria at your fingertips. Contact based reporting can be based on user access settings as well.

Form Based Reporting

During the course of your company performing the daily tasks you will have the option of printing out forms including:

  • RFQ's
  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Pick Slips
  • Packing Slips

Each one of these will have several tools available as a part of the print preview screen when generating any of these reports, inluding:

  1. Print Preview
  2. Print Option
  3. Option to Export File in a different format(PDF, Excel, HTML, Plain Text, CSV, RTF)
  4. Email the report from the Print Preview screen
  5. Customize tool available from the Print Preview screen 

Each one of these functions within reports is designed to streamline your work flow and provide the ability to customize and communicate your forms to your client base quickly.

My Business Analytics 

Your analytic reports on all of your company data are accessible from the Home Tab within the My Business icon. My Business has over 75 existing templates as well as options for search filters within each specific report. My Business also includes additional tools:

  • Option to print in a standard based format
  • Option to Export to a Excel format
  • Option to save search filters to each report
  • Option to Export file as a different file type(PDF, CSV, RTF, Plain Text, HTML)
  • Option to email report from print preview screen

The My Business Section will have several different sections of reports with additional options for different types of reports within each section.

Each of the these types of reporting provides your business with integrated reporting options. Three different types of reporting allow you to have multiple views of your information at the time you are performing regular functions and communicate your information easily with others.

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