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8.14 My Business Analytics


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My Business within Tradepoint is the Business Analytics tool with over 75 preset templates for different types of Analytic Reports, giving you a dynamic overview of the activity in your business. My Business is located on the Home Tab.

The format for My Business is structured very much like the XtraReports Writer with the tools for pulling together data integrated with options for exporting data as well as Generating Reports and printing different types of labels directly from My Business.

My Business Reporting gives you the option to Export your Reports into Excel directly from the Report. 

A view of the main toolbar with the different topics covered in My Business is shown below.

Each of the topics shown in the Toolbar above has a Search tool with parameters built into the Search Filter built into the left hand side of the main window when any of the icons are clicked.

Each topic also has built in Report templates with options to Export the Search results for example into an Excel sheet.

Accounting -  The Analytics report options are listed below.

Company and Financials
Trial Balance
Profit and Loss
Income Statement
Balance Sheet

Accounts Payable
Outstanding A/P Aged
Outstanding A/P Detailed Aged
All Current A/P Aged
All Currnet A/P Detailed Aged
Incomplete Bills

Accounts Receivable
Outstanding A/R Aged
Outstanding A/R Detailed Aged
All Current A/R Aged
All Current Detailed A/R Aged
Incomplete Invoices

These report types will automatically pull data from your existing General Ledger Structure and display them in the main window for you. If your User Access Settings allow there will be at the bottom of the main window there will be an option for you to Import the data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Collaboration-My Business offers Analytic reporting on your daily actions including Appointments, Tasks, Email.

Appointment List
Appointments by Category
Appointments By Status
Appointments By Attendee

Task List
Tasks By Category
Tasks By Status
Tasks By Attendee

Email List
Email By Sender

Contacts- Within My Business Contacts offers the same Advanced Searching Capability that you find within the Customer Relationship Management section of Tradepoint. The main difference here is the results that are displayed also have the graphic component to them with the choice of bar, pie, or line charts to display the results in.

The choices available for types of Contact searches are displayed below.

Contacts By Category
Contacts By Status Detailed
Contacts by Territory Detailed
Contact Breakdown
Contact List

Products on Loan By Contact

Avery 5162 Labels-Companies Only
Avery 5162 Labels-All Personnel

Size 10 Envelopes-Companies Only
Size 10 Employees-All Personnel

Personnel-Reporting tools for your Personnel Contacts within your Business to Business Contact base are provided in My Business.

Contact Lists
Personnel List
Personnel By Company

Labels Envelopes
Avery 5162 Labels
Size 10 Envelopes-All Personnel

Sales-Manage your Sales Activity with this family of reporting tools available to you. Additional filter Preferences such as date ranges and specific Products can be taken in to account within each one of these report types.

Opportunities By Sales Rep
Opportunities Summary

Outstanding Quotations
Outstanding Quotations By Sales Rep

Orders By Contact
Orders By Sales Rep
Orders By BDC Rep
Orders By Status

Customers Purchasing Product
Complete and Incomplete Invoices
Sales By Sales Rep
Sales By BDC Rep
Sales By Product
Sales Margin By Sales Rep

Employees-Reporting tools available for your own staff enable you to manage various items such as Billable Hours, Projected Workloads for Projects and Daily Appointments and Tasks available at a moments notice.

Billable Hours
Billable Hours By Employee

Work Load

Product On Loan By Employee

Appointments By Employee
Tasks By Employee

Products-Numerous Types of reports are available giving you a full view of your products and how they are being utilized.

Product Lists for Publishing
Product Listing By Category

Product Details
Product List
Product By Category
Products By Supplier

Customers Purchasing Product

Products on Loan
Products on Loan Detail
Overdue Products on Loan
Products on Loan by Product
Products on Loan by Employee
Products on Loan by Contact

Projects-A thorough over view of the Project activity can quickly be seen graphically with these Reports for your Projects.

Project Time Summary

Project Details
Project Lists
Project By Category
Project By Status

After you have chosen the type of Contact search you would like to perform the window containing the filter details will open enabling you to specify further the details of your search.

Since the Search Tool within My Business is identical to the Advanced Search Tool found in the CRM section you can drill down to very specific types of information. You have the ability to customize your icons and bring the searches you perform most often to the main area of your toolbar, show more or less icons within your search filter.

Please note that your screen resolution will allow you to show more or less icons on your search Filter. If you are having trouble seeing more icons try increasing your monitors resolution to be able to view more search options in your search filter.

Below is an example screen view of the structure of the Search filter and the flexibility of the iconography. Simply click on the icons that you search with the most to bring them to the main search bar.

When you have specified the necessary details of your Search then click the Search icon. Your results will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Search results will be displayed with the graphic analysis at the top of the page and then detailed contact information displayed by Category and related field just below the graphic analysis.

You do have the ability to structure the format of your results within My Business in the same way that you can structure which heading information is shown in the Flyout Panel. Dragging and dropping the choices above the fields as well as right clicking for options within each field gives you the ability to structure the format of your Search Analyses.

You will also have options to Print and Export to Excel the results of your Search.

Sales - Sales analytics within My Business gives you the ability to create specific Searches based on your User Access Settings. If you are a CEO you will have the ability to view all sales activity within your organization. A Sales Manager will have the ability to view all the sales activity of their subordinates while a Sales Representative will be able to look at detailed information by different types of information within their own Sales activity.

Below is the view of Search options for Sales within My Business.

The structure of the Search results can be modified based on the information you need to see. Below is a screen view of the Heading information displayed in Sales. The topics or controls you see in the lighter and darker blue areas can be dragged and dropped to either side of the menu.

The controls at the very top of the screen are the ones that are not visible. When they are dragged to the bottom of the screen the type of data they hold will be visible within the Search results.

In addition each topic control can be right or left clicked for more options. The left click option will reveal options specific to that control.

An example of what you will find when you right click any of the controls is shown just below.

An example of one type of information you will find when you left click any one of the controls is shown just below. This information will vary with each control you left click. Checking or un-checking any of the choices will narrow your search results.

Employees - My Business has built in tools for Employees including the ability to generate and export to Excel or print out time sheets for payroll. Below is the type of searches you can perform within Tradepoint.

Products - The Analytics ability for products within My Business gives you the ability to perform searches based on the topics you see in the menu below.

When you have made your Search choice you will then see the filter screen that will enable you to specify all or specific Products you want to search on with the above categories. Complete your search by clicking the Search tool and adjusting your results as necessary.

Projects - My Business Analytics is available for the topics in the example shown below for your Projects.


Your results screen can be customized using the drag and drop controls within the heading toolbars at the top of your results screen. Results can be modified, printed and exported into Excel.

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