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8.16 Configuring The Work Center


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If your Work Center has not already been configured for you then configuring your Work Center can be done easily through drag and drop functionality built into the interface.

The example below show the Work Center in design mode when it has not been configured. To access the Design Mode click the design icon  found in the lower left hand corner of the main window you see when you log in to Tradepoint.

Each of the icons labeled Process, Tasks, and Sales have different controls within that group that you can choose to be in your Work Center by dragging them onto the grayed out screen and dropping them where you would like them to be.

Process - Process includes three sets of functions grouped together. They are shown in the example above. 'Find' includes all the searching tools you need to search for anything in Tradepoint. Work Flow is a series of tools allowing you to generate open orders, Quotes, Invoices, Call Logs which you then assign contact information to after the fact and tools to generate new contacts.

Tasks - Tasks includes a set of functions that can be dragged and dropped onto the grayed out part of the window. The icons included under the Tasks icon  will be shown in the left side of the screen the same way the Process icons are shown in the example above.


Sales - The Sales icon  includes Sales Forecasts and built into the group of drag and drop controls. This is a graphic visual of the Open opportunities tool ideal for Sales Managers or CEO's looking to have an over view of all sales activity.

Accounting -  View any incomplete Invoices or Bills as the occur within your Company. Go directly to that Bill or Invoice by clicking on any one that is listed in this section of your Work Center dashboard.

Appointments - Your Daily appointments can be viewed here at a glance. New Appointments can also be created directly from your Work Center dashboard.

Once you have configured your Work Center you can redesign your Work Center can be adjusted or redesigned by clicking the Design icon to access Design mode. When you are in Design mode icons and groups of icons can be dragged from the main window back into the tool bar on the left of the window so you can start again. They will automatically be associated with the correct group of icons so you can adjust or start over and redesign the controls of your Work Center.

Some of the tools such as Appointments will have fields that you can adjust or remove within the tool. Simply right click on that section to open the Column Chooser. Drag and Drop any of the fields from the tool into the Column Chooser or vice-versa.

Closing the Column Chooser will save your changes automatically.

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