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1.2.1 Company and Division Setup - One Company with One Division


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Many companies, especially smaller to mid-sized businesses will belong to this category. When Tradepoint is installed for the first time, this option is the default at the time of installation unless otherwise specified. Additional companies and/or Divisions can always be added after the original installation.

Company Setup is found within the Company icon under the Tools tab.

Within the main company settings screen is where you set up the main company. The contact information screen is where you will be directed initially. This example shows one company. When you login to Tradepoint for the first time to set up any remaining company settings your company settings will look similar to this of you have one company.

The highlighted tab at the top will show the number of listed companies listed in Tradepoint in parenthesis.

Accessing the details of a company is done by clicking on the Divisions tab next to the Company icon you see in the view above.

With a One Company/One Division structure you will see a view similar to the view below.

This structure allows for you to be able to add companies or divisions within a company later should you add them. This also provides a layer of added security in addition for your corporate information.

Within the Company Settings screen here there will be a 'New' icon in the lower left. This icon will create a New Company.

On the lower right there will be a 'New Division' icon. This icon will create a New Division within a Company.

Clicking the escape key at any time will allow you to back out of the current screen you are in. 

To access the Company information simply double-click or highlight the listed division within a company and click the Edit icon highlighted in the lower right.

The main screen within the company division will show this tool bar.

When the company contact information is entered into the company or Division screen be sure to add the correct and complete postal/zip code.

The postal/zip code is the main key that Tradepoint uses to track specific activity with Customers with a  Company. It is also how the correct Sales Taxes and shipping information is tracked to each Customer account and action.

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