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1.2.2 Company and Division Setup - One Company with Multiple Divisions


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This structure is often seen with companies that have two companies which are linked and even share Inventory or other resources yet need to keep separate General Ledgers for each while retaining the capability of reporting on activity within a given Division or 'rolled up' under the 'Parent' company. One example would be a company with both a retail and wholesale division sharing an Inventory.

The view of one Company with more than one Division looks like this from the Company Screen after clicking on the Division icon.


Tradepoint supports an unlimited number of Divisions within each company.

Accessing the company information for a Division is done by double clicking on that listed Division or by highlighting and clicking on the Edit icon in the lower right of this Divisions screen.

Creating multiple Divisions within one company is done from the main company screen with the 'New Divisions' icon.


A pop-up menu is part of the New Division icon with options for what type of Division can be created. If you are not sure then just choose the top option for a 'New Blank Division'. The rest of the options will set up defaults in your preferences of your Division you are creating. They can be adjusted after a Division has been set up.

Multiple Divisions within one company will be listed within the main Company screen.

Company details of your new Division can be accessed by double clicking the listed Division or highlighting a Division and clicking the Edit icon in the lower right of the Divisions screen.

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