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1.2.5 Contact Information


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Within each Company and Division in Tradepoint the contact information acts as the anchor for all of your information within Tradepoint. Tradepoint looks at the sales activity of a company in relation to the main Company Information.

This means when an Order is placed within Tradepoint or through your website Tradepoint will know what Company to associate the activity with and what the relevant preferences are for that action. Preferences will include any sales taxes, shipping information and currency transactions for companies using our multi-currency Ecommerce solution or web services.

It's a small detail but one that will make a big difference when all of your subsequent information and transactions are handled for you in the background as your business operates.

Each window will have Address wizards. When your contact information is entered in here you can move on. Tradepoint will do the rest.

Clicking on either Address icon will open the wizard.

Save your changes and TradepointTradepoint will know to associate all related information and actions with a given Division/Company.

Addresses need to be formatted correctly for accurate tracking of sales taxes and accounting defaults.

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