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1.3.1 Chart of Accounts - Using a Template


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The Chart of Accounts is the basis for your Accounting structure within Tradepoint. There are three ways to set up your Chart of Accounts:

1.       Use one of our templates to create a Chart of Accounts

2.       Manually create a Chart of Accounts

3.       Import an existing Chart of Accounts from another application. Some software applications do not permit you from exporting your COA. Please check your software to make sure you can export it. If you are not able to export your existing structure then use option 1 or 2 for creating your COA.

Using A Template

Using an Existing template to create a COA is the quickest way to set up your COA.

Consistency is your COA is important when changing software applications. Please check with your Accountant prior to using this tool since the template is likely to not match your existing COA structure.

Using the template tool within Tradepoint will set up your COA in just a few clicks.

From the Chart of Accounts screen within Company Settings the 'Use Default G/L Template' icon in the lower left corner.

The template can be adjusted easily to include additional accounts, delete accounts or change the names and types of accounts within each template.

Once you have chosen the add template option the COA will immediately populate. Unless you are making any adjustments to the COA template you just set up your Chart of Accounts using the built in template.

Editing a COA can be done using the icons to create new accounts in the lower right or by editing directly in the information within one of the Account fields.

Some Accounting applications DO NOT require Account numbers. Tradepoint does and this serves three main purposes.

1.       Retaining the COA structure as your company grows.

2.       Accounts that are added will be automatically arranged by their Account number and Type into the correct order.

3.       Account Numbers serve as a tool for referencing default actions based on your preferences, and can automate your Accounting process easily.

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