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1.3.3 Chart of Accounts -Import your Chart of Accounts


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The Chart of Accounts is the basis for your Accounting structure within Tradepoint. There are three ways to set up your Chart of Accounts:

1.       Use the default template built into Tradepoint to create the Chart of Accounts

2.       Manually create a Chart of Accounts using the New Account buttons in the Division Setup.

3.       Import an existing Chart of Accounts from another application. Some software applications do not permit you from exporting your COA. Please check your software to make sure you can export it. If you are not able to export your existing structure then use option 1 or 2 for creating your COA.

Importing an Existing Chart of Accounts

Importing options for an Existing Chart of Accounts address imports from a number of applications and often also includes additional information including contacts (Customers, Vendors, and Leads). Applications that can be directly imported into Tradepoint using our Importing tool include:

1.       Quickbooks - IIF Files: This option will import an IIF file exported from Quickbooks. IIF files will often give you an option for exporting only the Chart of Accounts or can include the Chart of Accounts with other types of contacts and some types of account history. Please note that sales history and other accounting types of activity for contact might not be retrievable. This is based on what version of Quickbooks you are running and the condition of data in the database.

2.       Goldmine - This import will bring in all of your Goldmine data including contacts, calls, notes history and linked files. This does require the location of the database and preferences for establishing Categories within Appointments, Customer Calls and linked Documents. These Categories can be set up within Tradepoint prior to an import from Goldmine.

3.       Peachtree 2005 or later - This import process includes instructions on how to export your data from Peachtree and will require the location of the Peachtree CSV file and setting a default Category and Status. The Peachtree import will bring in summary data including Account balances, Customers, Vendors(Suppliers), G/L structure and information.

4.       SQL - SQL Driven applications can often allow accounting data to be exported if it is accessible directly from the SQL database structure. Please contact us if you have any questions about an application that is not listed in our Import tool.

The Data Import tool is accessed through the Management Menu(Cube icon) in the upper left corner from any screen when logged into Tradepoint.

Follow the prompts within the wizard to access the different data import types for different types of files.

For further information about any other applications not listed please contact our technical support department at

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