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1.4 Establish Login and Security Access


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Establishing your Login and Security Settings is done through the Security Settings Section within Employees. From your Employee Profile click on the Security Settings icon.

The screen you see below will open. Administrator Security Settings is the default setting within Tradepoint.

When the 'System Administrator' preference is checked off then you can specify which icons and functionality you would like a Security Profile to have access to. For example, the most common information a business seeks to restrict access to is the financial information and in the case of Tradepoint it is the General Ledger. In that case, the 'System Administrator' box would need to be unchecked and then each icon you want the Security Profile to have access to would need to be checked off with the exception of the General Ledger Icon and the Company Icon under the Tools header.

A Super User profile can be created whic will check each option. This option will enable profiles which need greater access but reduce the amount of setup time involved in creating security profiles.

When used as a short cut to create other profiles just adjust each section of Tradepoint to restruict system access.

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