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1.5.1 Setting up Test Credit Cards




1) Set up Credit Card Types

            a) Go To Setup (click the Tradepoint Icon in the top left corner), and Select Setup

            b) Under the Accounting Menu, Select Credit Card Types (click the + button)

            c) Click New Credit Card Type (in the lower left hand corner of the screen)

            d) Enter a Fake Visa (one will do to test)


2) Set up Payment Services

            a) In the same Setup Menu (still in Accounting), Select Payment Services

            b) Click Add Item (lower left hand corner)

c) Enter Fake Payment Service (this would be for the Gateway account, such as, Trust Commerce, etc)

d) Choose Fake Payment Service from the drop down list

e) All other options will be checked by default


3) Set up Payment Type

            a) In the same Setup Menu (still in Accounting), Select A/R, then Payment Types

            b) Click New Payment Type (lower left hand corner)

c) Enter the Name

d) Select the Transaction Type

e) Select the Default Deposit Account

f) Set the Online Payment Service to Fake Payment Service


4) Charging a Card/Receiving Payment

            a) Create a Product

            b) Create a Customer

            c) Go To Invoices > New Invoice (bottom right corner of screen)

d) Select your Test Product and fill in any pertinent information (note: You will need to create a Shipping Method in the Setup Menu prior to Completing the Invoice)

e) Complete the Invoice (check box in bottom right hand corner)

f) Save and Close (top left corner)

g) You will be prompted if you want to Receive Payment on the invoice.  Choose yes.

h) Select Payment Type (Fake Visa) and tab to any other line in the invoice

g) Select New Online Payment (top of screen)

h) Enter the card # 4111111111111111 (4 with 15 ones), any exp date and cvv will work

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