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1.7 Category and Statuses


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Categories and Statuses can be established all throughout Tradepoint anywhere you will have any Company Data. Categories and Statuses will enable you to build very specific reports based on how your company information has been categorized and will ensure integrity within your database since all of your information will have a specific place.

The Setup and Configure tool allows you to setup all of your Categories and Statuses. This tool can be accessed anywhere you see a blue plus sign next to a field. Below is an example of a drop down list of existing Categories within Customers with the blue plus visible on the far right of the field.

Clicking on the blue plus will open the Setup and Configure tool directly to the section and field that you are looking to customize so, you don't have to go searching for the correct field to add a Category and Status to.

The icons lined up at the top of the tool are the different areas of Tradepoint that can be customized. Since we opened the tool from Customers the pathway is show in the three icons just below the tool bar labeled  Contacts---->Customers---->Categories.

Existing Categories are listed on the left. To edit any existing Category simply click on the existing Category and you will be take to that category where you can change the name of the category. The icon for creating a new Category is in the lower left corner. Clicking on the New Category icon will open the view you see below.

You will see the pathway to the field for a New Category is highlighted. The field with the Category title is open and can be edited. When a New Category is created the next step will be to have a Status assigned to that Category. So, the icon in the lower left is the New Status icon and will take you to the screen where you can create a New Status associated with this Category.

If you do not need a Status associated with this Customer at this time then click the 'Up one level' icon just above 'New' and you will be taken to the previous section within the Setup and Configure tool.

The open fields you see at the bottom of the Setup and Configure tool are for Event Management allowing you to create specific tasks that happen based on assigned preferences to when a Category is setup within Tradepoint. These tools are discussed in detail in the Introduction and Orientation section of the Support articles.

The most common areas where you will need to setup at least a few basic Categories and Statuses to get Started Quickly include:

(if this is a central part of your Company's operations)

Other areas of Tradepoint can be setup at your convenience or as you get used to using Tradepoint in its entirety.

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