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1.8.1 Create a Database Backup - To Restore on Another Computer


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To create a database backup for restoring Tradepoint onto another machine follow these steps:

1. The Database Management menu is found under the Management Menu icon. 

2. The option for creating a backup is the highlighted option in the Management Menu.

The next screen shows 4 different types of options.

3. Choose the highlighted option to create a backup to be restored on another machine as a remote or networked user.

4. The next step will be saving the backup to an accessible place through the file structure showing on the following screen.

Type in the file address or click the file on the right of the screen to browse for a location on your network or local machine to save the backup for.

The File name field is editable. It is recommended to add the current date or company name for backups to the file name field(highlighted above).

The location of the file will appear in the Backup Location field.

5. Click Next. A progress bar will show on the screen.

A prompt will appear letting you know when the backup has been created. (The longer Tradepoint has been in use the larger the database so, it may take a short while or longer while to create a backup)

The backup will appear in the specified location as a .bak file. In this case it was saved to the desktop.

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