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1.8.2 Change a Networked User into a Remote User


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For customers who have computers set up as networked users on Tradepoint and one of those machines needs to become a remote user(this is usually a laptop that is in a fixed office location), follow these steps to change the type of user from a networked user to a remote user.

1. The Terminal Settings will have to be adjusted from Network to Remote. To do this click on the tools tab and then the Terminal icon.

The option under Update and Synchronization for Remote user will need to be checked off. Save your changes.

2. Remote users will need a synchronization address. This will be the address of the database and will depend on where your main database is located. For companies hosting their database themselves or through an off site 3 rd party hosting services your network administrator will be able to provide you with the synchronization address.

The synchronization address will need to be entered in the Setup & Configure tool under the System Management icon.

Once these two items have been entered in then logging out and back in you will see the synchronization option in the Management Menu and the synch should occur Once you log in(provided the option for that has been checked off under Terminal Settings).

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