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1.91 Customizing your Reports


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The Customize tool built into Tradepoint  allows you to perform very detailed Customizations to your Reports. This article is meant to provide an outline to making the most common Customizations to your Reports so you can get started quickly, including:

  • adding an Image/Logo
  • changing font type and size
  • changing the color of header fields

All Reports can be Customized including: Invoices, Orders, Packing Slips, Purchase Orders and Bills. the functionality to Customize each of these Reports is consistent. So, adding a logo to an Invoice will be the same to a Bill, Order, and so on.

From the Print preview screen for an Invoice the Customize icon is what will take you to the screen where you can Customize your Reports.

The following screen will be shown with the template existing within Tradepoint  for that report you are looking to customize. Tools to add a Logo/Image can be found at the top of the toolbar of the Customization window.

Each of the icons at the top of the Customize toolbar is a drag and drop tool. Therefore, to add a New Image/Logo to your Report simply click and drag the tool (icon to where you would like that Image/Logo added to your report. When you do drag and drop the Picture Tool a field similar to the one just below will appear on your Report.

This example provides an existing logo. Clicking on the blue arrow in the upper left hand side of the field containing the image will open the menu you see below and allow you to add a different image by clicking on the top field and finding the location of the image file on your computer.

When you have found your Image/Logo that you would like to add we recommend the Stretch Image Image Sizing Setting to automatically size the Image to the place it is located on the screen. You can then use the tools defining the boundaries to resize the image to suit your Company's look and feel in your Reports.

Changing the information in the database field within a form is done by following the steps shown in the image below.

Clicking any text fields will allow you to edit the text font, font size. You can see tools in the fields allowing you to adjust the Font as well as color of the text and the background. For now we will just focus on adjusting the Font type and size.

Clicking on any field in the form will enable the font tool. The font tool can be found on the menu bar on the right side of the forms designer.. On the right side of the Font field click on the three dots are will open the window where you can specify all the properties of your text. 

Changes to your text will be saved automatically when you are finished.

Changing the color of the header fields is done using the same tool for editing the Text. 

Clicking on the Back Color field will open the view of the tool to choose a different color for your Header box background.


You will be able to scroll down the list of colors to find one suitable for your reports. Three color palates exist through the tabs at the top of the menu for different types of color palates available. Your changes will be saved automatically.

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