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1.93 Flyout Panel Setup


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Each Panel within the Flyout Panel has built in field that can be dragged and dropped to show exactly the information you want to within your Company. If your Flyout Panel has not been setup to date you won't receive any Reminders for Appointments, Call Logs or Tasks  or any other updates concerning Outstanding orders or Inventory warnings, for example.

Configuring or setting up your Flyout Panel is a simple process that can easily be repeated within each section of the Flyout panel.

This is the section which will show any Outstanding orders as they come due throughout the day. By right clicking on the grey field you will have two options. Choose the 'Column Chooser Option to be able to choose which fields you want displayed in your Flyout panel Options.

The box shown below will open when you click the 'Column Chooser' Option. Clicking on any of the Options and dragging it to the top of the Flyout Panel will create the structure necessary to receive live information about your Outstanding orders.

If you have Orders within your system and are configuring the Flyout panel for the first time you will see the Outstanding Order information come into your Flyout Panel as you configure it.


Below is and example of an Flyout Panel that has not been configured.

After you have specified which fields you would like to display within your Flyout Panel you will see an image similar to the example below should you have existing Orders within Tradepoint.

The example you see here shows the fields configured for Outstanding Orders. The status field has been dragged and dropped into the Header field. This will create a expandable menu for Different Statuses pertinent to your Outstanding orders.

Any one of the orders can be fulfilled by highlighting that Outstanding Order and then clicking on the Fulfill order icon to start the Fulfillment Wizard for orders.

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