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1.9 The Move and Copy Tool


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The Move and Copy Tool in Tradepoint  is designed to give you the necessary flexibility for your contacts. This tool is available within each section of the CRM component of Tradepoint .


Manage your sales process with the Move & Copy wizard built into the Advanced Search Tool. Located under the Tools tab the Move & Copy wizard will be the tool that allows you to move your contact to the necessary section within Tradepoint.

This is critical to moving your contacts through a Sales process and is also necessary for Managing a Customer Relationship in giving you the flexibility to change the type of contact when and how you need to.


From the Tools Tab select the highlighted option for Move and Copy Tool.



From there a smaller inset window will open with a number of options available. You will have the option of editing your search criteria and then selecting the type of Contact and related information that will be associated with the contacts you have selected.


The options for editing your search criteria are on the left and the options to either Move or Copy the contact to another contact type within Tradepoint  are on the right within the Move and Copy wizard. You will also have the options to select the Category, Status, BDC Rep, Sales Rep and Territory for your contacts.

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