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10.11 Time


Tracking a budget, expenses, and billable hours is crucial to accurately planning and managing a Project. Within projects is time costing allowing you to track who has been putting time in for a project, what their billable rate is per hour, and the totals for billable hours that a client can be billed for.

For each Project any billable hours performed will be listed here with the main information for which employee, what billable hour rate and the total number of hours worked at the bottom of the page.

New Hours Worked - You have the option of clicking on New Hours Worked or clicking the field itself to enter in a new set of hours.

To Invoice for any Billable Hours simply highlight any of the hours and then you will see the Add to Invoice icon become live. Then click the icon and fill in the information to Invoice for a set of hours.

Any Invoice generated for Billable Hours within Projects will also be accessible through a Customer's file directly. Here the check box will be checked once a set of Billable Hours has been invoiced so you know which hours have been invoiced.


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