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Documents can be stored in a Project using the same format and functionality as in other sections of Tradepoint. The main page for Documents in a projects will look like the screen you see below. Any Documents already existing in Tradepoint will appear in the format you see below based on any categories you have created.

New Scanned Document -   Clicking this will allow you to scan in a document and save it in a PDF format. Tradepoint will look for a scanner attached to your computer and a wizard will open walking you through the steps of scanning in a document.

New Document -  This will open a main page with options to Create a New Document, Create a link to a Document(recommended for Image files and AutoCAD files), and Import an existing Document from a hard drive.

Categories - At the top of the page set the Category for each type of Document your Company uses. When you establish a Category each Document listed under that Category will be date and time stamped with the user setting of the person who uploaded the Document into Tradepoint.

Documents will be listed by Category in the format you see below in the Documents section of each Project.

Clicking on New Document will open another window with the different options for creating, establishing a link or uploading an existing document from a hard drive.


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