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10.2 Detailed Plan


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The detailed plan of a project is where the action items are created and managed. Tasks and appointments are defined here with details, participants, documents and budget information as well.
The detailed plan has two main views. The GANT chart view shows timelines defined by color coded categories and progress bars with hover over tools to view task or appointment notes without double clicking. Additional details can be viewed in the task or appointment by double clicking.

GANT Chart View

The schedule view shows the details of timelines for each task and appointment with start, finish and duration times of each task and appointment.

Schedule View

If project templates are being used then this will be defined by the template and it can be edited once the template has generated the project.
The new task and new appointment buttons in the lower right will allow a new task or appointment to be created. 

An import feature exists to import existing tasks or appointments as well.
An existing detailed plan can be manipulated using the directional arrows. 

Changes which can be performed will be indicated by the arrows which are not grayed out. Changes in the outline of tasks and appointment will appear on the screen.

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