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10.4 Custom Fields


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Custom fields can be created for projects using the configure tool within found under the custom info button in projects.

Clicking the new field button will open the configure tool to set up header fields and different types of fields within projects. Any custom fields setup within this screen will be visible for all projects. 

The first screen will ask for a Category. This will be the header field for more detailed fields to appear underneath. In this case the category will be network information and additional fields will be setup underneath.

In the image below the category has been setup and the first custom field under the category is being setup including the type of field. Types of fields are fields that hold data in a specific format. Formats include: string (alpha-numeric data, date only, date and time, Yes/No (check box fields), percent, list, number, decimal number, currency.

The drop down field showing in the image below is how the field can be assigned the data format. The default for custom fields is string data format.

Once the fields have been setup then close the configure tool by using the X in the upper right corner of the screen. The configure tool auto saves so the custom fields will appear in the screen once the configure tool has been closed.

There is no limit to the amount of custom fields that can be created. A scroll bar will appear if the fields created are too numerous for the screen. This will adjust based on the screen resolution being used on each computer.

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