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11.32 Setting up Amazon as a Channel


To Set up Amazon as a Channel, please follow the instructions below:


1) On this link:

    click "Sign Up for MWS" on the right.

2) After logging in with your seller account choose 'I want to give a developer access to my amazon seller account with MWS.


3) For Developer's Name enter: Tradepoint 360, Inc.


4) For Developer Account Number enter: 7038-7236-4319 for US and 8409-0322-3059 for UK


When you do so, you will be prompted with various pieces of information including:


5) AWS Access Key ID, Merchant ID, and Market Place ID.


6) Enter these into Tradepoint in the appropriate settings.


You have now linked up your account to Tradepoint.


Please ensure that you then configure your mapings for your shiping services and your payment gateways.


Channel Shipping Method will already be filled in for you and must have your shipping methods mapped to it. You will need to add alternate received shipping values for each shipping method as required by the Channel Advisor. For instance; 'Second Day' may also be received as 'SecondDay' or 'Second' and 'Next Day' as 'Next'.


The channel shipping class should be mapped according to one of the following values:


USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Fastway, GLS, GO!, Hermes Logistik Gruppe, Royal Mail, Parcelforce, City Link, TNT, Target, SagawaExpress, NipponExpress, YamatoTransport, DHL Global Mail, UPS Mail Innovations, FedEx SmartPost, OSM, OnTrac, Streamlite, Newgistics, Canada Post, Blue Package


These are the unique carriers that amazon expects and supports and likely will not match what you have in Tradepoint. It is imperitive that these are set or Tradepoint will not be able to send shipment notifications to Amazon.



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