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12.0 Introduction to Document Management


Within numerous business environments today managing documents has evolved into a complex arrangement often utilizing a combination of electronic and paper based systems to fill the document management needs of even the smallest businesses in a variety of industries. Add to this faxes, scanners and compatibility issues between electronic file formats and the complexity of document management grows exponentially.

Within any given business different types of documents are specific to each client, marketing efforts, any value added resellers, employees within the company, legal and Accounting needs not to mention other types of uses such as research and Development and any Training or ongoing education. Essentially, documents touch nearly every aspect of a business.

Tradepoint addresses these complex document management needs with a built in document management system (DMS) offering large and small enterprises a sophisticated and robust solution to bring together a disparate document management environment.

Within Tradepoint documents are organized by Category and then further by User Access Settings. Documents are associated by contact and then by function. This means documents can be associated with any Lead, Customer, Reseller, Supplier, Employee or Rolodex contact or stored in Global Documents where documents that everyone will need access to can find their documents.

Documents are also associated with actions such as Tasks, Appointments, and Call Logs. These action items are further associated with processes such a Sales Process or an ongoing Project.

File formats within Tradepoint offer flexibility to document management. Any document generated within Tradepoint can be saved in numerous file formats including PDF, Excel, HTML, Plain text, CSV, RTF adding further flexibility to being able to access documents with varying types of applications.

The ability automatically email a document such as an Invoice from Tradepoint(we use PDF as the default file format) exists at the point of function, adding yet another benefit to Document Management within Tradepoint.

Documents can be printed out also from the same point they are generated within Tradepoint.

As most businesses know when documents are stored electronically it is not difficult to take up a great deal of memory. Tradepoint has addressed this by using a data compression of 12:1 for document storage. The file formats I mentioned above compress at a 10:1 ratio consistently. Images can be utilized as links and can be accessed by multiple individuals at any given time through Tradepoint thereby allowing access without taking up extra space.

These are components of document management within Tradepoint. Together they create a solution to document management that addresses current complexities within business environments, ease of use and the ability to utilize documents in either an electronic or physical form.


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