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12.7.2 Mail Merge Part 2 - Using the Mail Merge Tool


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Follow these steps to create Mail Merge documents with Tradepoints Mail Merge Tool. The document template used in this example was created with Word 2007.

First a contact search has to be done for the selected recipients.

1. Choose the section of contacts that a search will be generated from. This example brings up search results from Sources using a general search with the starting letters being 'Be'.

These Search results will then be brought into the Mail Merge Tool.

The first screen in the Mail Merge Tool introduces a wizard to walk through the steps of putting together a Merged Document. The second screen will show the options available from the Document Templates. (This is where any Word templates with the merge fields created and saved under Document Templates can be used)

Available Document templates will be visible listed at the top of the screen. A field to browse and determine where what the resulting document will be located and named is highlighted.

Click Next once the resulting merge document has been named and a location has been specified.

The search results specified at the very beginning will appear here.

1. Search results can be unchecked at this point.
2. An option can be set for the Mail Merge document to be saved as a Call Log to track who was included in the Mail Merge. Any results will be track able through the contacts information under Call Logs.

Click Next when ready.

The next option will ask to specify which contacts within your search results. If you are not sure then choose from either 'All Staff Members' or 'Primary Contact Only'.

This option allows for specific contacts within B2B contacts to be chosen. For groups using the B2C contact option 'All Staff Members' will automatically bring in each contact's information into Mail Merge.

Clicking next will give a screen showing a progress bar across the page. Depending on how many contacts are in the mail merge will depend on how long this takes.

When finished the results page will appear. An option to Save the Mail Merge Document as a Document accessible to everyone under the Home tab is on the lower left.

To view the Mail Merged document click the icon in the middle of the screen.

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