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13.17 Localization


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Localization for multiple languages is built into Tradepoint if you are using one of the multi-national web modules . If you are using the multi-national Deluxe Web Module localization also extends to multiple currencies as well as languages.

Establishing the parameters and preferences for localization happens when you initially establish your company and any division profiles.

Later when you are looking to localize your website to an new language and market you can specify which ones with the Localization tool found in the Tools tab.

Within the Company Division Setup shown in the tool bar below, choose the Languages icon to specify your preferences about languages and localization for your website.

The main window within this section of Company Setup is shown below.

The language field shown above contains a drop down menu with dozens of languages available to localize to. Multiple language can be established for localization by clicking the New Language icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

Fill in the remaining data for the rest of the fields, specify any additional languages you would like to apply to your website and save your changes.

These preferences will be the parameters for making later adjustments in your localization and languages preferences to your website through the Tools Tab.

Once your preferences for localization are established within your Company Division you can specify localization based on those parameters within the Tools Section of Tradepoint. The highlighted icon will be the one you click on to make localization adjustments to your content.

Clicking the Localization icon will open the page where you can specify the preferences of your Localization of your website. A screen view is shown below.

The outline on the left of the window will show the information you display on your website that you can then choose from to localize to another language. When you have chosen the information you would like to localize then you can specify within the drop down menu you see which language to localize the chosen content in.

Since the languages that appear here are specified in the Company Setup only the specified languages will appear in the drop down menu. The example above shows English localized for Canada. Adding to the drop down menu here will have to be done through the Company Divisions Setup.

Even though Tradepoint provides a Localization tool with numerous languages to choose from we highly recommend using a translator in conjunction with our Localization tools to fine tune the language with the cultural nuances and regional dialects for the language you are looking to Localize your website to.

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