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13.2 Product Listings


Tools for your Product listings can be found in the Products section of Tradepoint. All of the icons you see in the tool bar will display information internally within Tradepoint and externally through the website.

The tool bar in the window below gives you a complete view of each product listing within Tradepoint.

Because Tradepoint is an integrated solution specific information will show up in relevant sections such as Orders. Product information such as price, discounts and available Inventory levels will show up in an Order screen or your website for a complete customer experience as well as convenience within your work flow.

For companies using the shopping cart product listings can be created either before or after the Ecommerce solution is enabled and is populating through Tradepoint's database. The information relevant to maintaining your product listings on the web are:

  • Specifications - Allows for customizable fields to show specific information such as size, or technical specs
  • Competitors - Enables you to maintain information on your competitors similar items for comparison or promotion based on price or features.
  • Accessories - Upsell or recommend other similar products on your website to an existing product. "Customers who purchased this item also purchased this..."
  • Accessory Of - Similar to Accessories only this is slightly different in that it is designed for specific accessories to Products such as a cell phone case or battery in relation to the cell phone.
  • Notes - Any information on your Product that is necessary to have but does not fit anywhere else can be documented within Notes.
  • Page Layout - Where and how you want a Product listed within your website framework is described here on this page using check boxes to determine your preferences for each of your Product listings. SEO tools are on this page so you can add keywords and/or a page description to your listing.
  • Teaser Page - Create or upload the content of your Teaser Pages for each of your products with the tools found when Teaser Page is clicked.
  • Product Overview - Create or upload the HTML for your Product overview page. This icon gives you the tools to create the detailed listing that your customers will see on your website.
  • Custom Pages - Add specific pages to your product listings using check boxes to choose what kind and linking them to a specific page on your website.
  • Reviews - this is a tool where your customers can provide reviews with a rating of 1 to 5 starts and the review cannot be posted until it has been authorized. Reviews can be performed through your website as a part of the product listing.
  • Documents - Create, scan and upload document to each Product listing. Security Permissions allow you to have those Documents available through the website via link/download or through Tradepoint internally. This is an ideal tool for Product Information, brochures and Spec sheets.
  • Image Gallery - Each product listing can have one main image however multiple images can be scanned or uploaded to each Product listing to be displayed on the web in a photo gallery for that product.

Tradepoint's integrated approach to Product listings place all of your Product information within one interface to avoid having to log into another application to access your web listings. With Tradepoint you can manage all of your product information internally as well as through the web within one interface.

As you update and edit your web listings please keep in mind that it make take a little while for changes to post on the website depending on your server structure and/or your hosting structure for your website.


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