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13.5 Email Templates


Within Tradepoint Templates related to  web management are available for Knowledge Base Articles, Press Releases, and Emails. The Templates section is accessible through the Tools Tab.

The Templates section allows you to create templates with pre-configured formatting so you have consistency in how your information and communications are presented.

The formatting includes Text(font size and type),  text indentations, headings and any images such as a company logo you would want to be consistent throughout your Templates. Inserting an Image can be done with the Insert Image icon  in the editing toolbar of the main window.

Additional Templates will be listed on the left by Title. Enter in your text with any images and Links on this page you see above. Changes will automatically be saved.

These Templates once created, will now show up in a pop-up menu with all templates listed to choose from in a New Email Message screen similar to the  view such as the one below.

The arrow to the right of the field will open the popup menu to choose from existing templates. The Blue Plus just next to it will open the screen for you to create a New Email Template

Both Knowledge Base Articles and Press Releases use the same styles window for creating a Knowledge Base Article and a Press Release. The section for both a Knowledge Base Article and a Press Release will show and expandable outline structure on the left and when any article is clicked on then the body of the article will show in the main window on the right.

Below is a screen view of the main window where a  Press Release article is created. The window for knowledge base articles is similar.

When you have created the main Press Release then simply save your changes and your Press Release will be posted to your website the next time your synchronize.

The example screen view below is the main page to create a Knowledge Base article.

The format is very similar to the main page where a Press Release is created.

Subject- Create a Subject for your article. This will be shown in the outline and if you choose to list your articles on your website.

Local Security- Establish security settings for internal permissions. If you would like the article to be available for everyone then check the Select all icon  to the right of the listed security permissions.

Web Security- This is the same as the local security setting only these will apply to who can view the article on your website. Simply check off which profiles will be able to view your article or choose the Select All icon  if you would like your article to be public.

Article Date- The article date will default to the date the article is created however, you can set a date in the future by using the drop down calendar built into the Article Date field to choose a date in the future for your article to be released. Any articles set to be released in the future will simply become viewable on your website on the chosen date.

Parent- With this field choose the Parent article to associate your article with. The article will then automatically be listed under the chosen Parent article. A Parent article can also be changed with an existing article by opening the existing article and then choosing a different Parent article to be associated with. If an article does not have a Parent then you  can just leave the field blank. Save your changes when you are finished and your article will be listed under the different Parent article.

Categories- Each article has to belong to a Category. One can be chosen with the arrow to the right of the field. If the right Category does not exist then the Blue Plus to the right of the field will open the Setup and Configure tool to create a New Category. Categories can also be edited in the same way they are created.

Products- If any Products are associated with your article you can search for and choose them with this tool. Simply type in all or part of the Product name or Item number and any Products with that name or item number will come up listed. Clicking on one or more Product will associate those Products with this article.

The icons at the top of the window will allow you to create the Teaser page, link other articles to this one and attach any Documents to this article. Documents are often associated with a Knowledge Base article in the case of detailed User Instructions, any safety concerns or warnings, and recommendations for use.

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