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14.12 How to Send an Email


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Sending an email from Tradepoint is a simple process. Tradepoint also allows you to generate new and respond to existing email from more than one location within the software. We will go over some of these examples.

Creating an Email from the Email section is Simple. From the toolbar in the Home tab click the Email icon.

The main Email window will open. Simply click the New Message icon on the far left of the toolbar icon within Email and a new email message window will open complete with any of your settings such as Templates and built in signature.

Tradepoint will also allow you to generate New Email Messages from a contact such as a Lead or Customer and from within the Personnel sections of any contacts within the CRM component of Tradepoint.

To generate a New Message from a Customer Contact click on Lead, Customer, or Reseller and then click on the Contact Info screen. The section at the bottom of the Contact Info will look like the screen view you see below.

When you click on the E-mail icon  a New Message window will open with any templates and signatures built in.

You will also be able to send an email message directly from a Personnel contact by clicking the Email icon from the details screen of their file.

Tradepoint will also allow you to respond to existing Emails from a Project. Simply click on the Projects icon  from the Home Tab Toolbar. Then click on the Email icon  within the Projects toolbar highlight an existing email within that section you would like to respond to and the email window will open with your information pre-populated in the screen.


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