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15.3 Contact Filter Options for Security Profiles


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Filter options exist for contacts within each section of Tradepoint:

  • Sources
  • Enquiries
  • Leads
  • Customers
  • Resellers
  • Suppliers

This is ideal for direct sales forces, customer services, account managers and anyone who will be interfacing with customers in any specific capacity.

Following the same example shown previously, within Customers the Contact Filter option shows a drop down menu with multiple options for viewing contacts.

This makes it possible for Tradepoint to hold thousands of contacts across multiple companies and/or Divisions while having specific profiles only see contact relevant to their role and company they are affiliated with.

View All - Allows a user access to all customers across all Divisions and Companies.

Only Where Sales/BDC Rep - This will enable a user to have access to contacts where they are assigned to a contact as a Sales Rep or as a BDC(Business Development Consultant) Rep.

In Their Territory - If your company uses physical Sales Territories (these are setup through the Setup and Configure Tool under Employees) then an Employee will only have access to contacts that are within their assigned territory.

Owned By Division of Employee - This option will allow an Employee to view all Customers that are assigned to the Division/Company they have permissions to. This is setup at the time an Employee profile is created.

Their Territory or Owned by Division - This option will enable an Employee to see contacts within their assigned Division/Company or if it is within their territory. In this case there may be some overlap meaning if an Employee has access to all Customers within one Company/Division they may also see others from other Divisions if they are assigned within their physical territory.

Owned by Current Division - This option will allow Customers to be accessible only by the assigned current Division of the Employee, overriding other options like territory.

Their Territory or Current Division - This option will filter out contact by the current Division a user is signed into or by territory.

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